Wednesday, December 18, 2013

To & For Christina E.H.C--"Be still & Rest of Peace Follows"-----


 Was there a woman that
knew the heart of my
spleen, as to relieve
my humors as
as she said--
in your retina--
after 5 unanimous
Here telling me
to be completely
still, til'
Fully rested+
were to pass unto
Second Gale--
and I was healed,
as broken shard--
ordered in fragmented
pieces f a proposal--.-
A healing touch
of Ukrainian Cross stitch,
as my relic & emblem--
greater to me than a Purple Heart./
Pax-et spirituo tuo--


 By the green blade of grass--
the cry of the Kayageum (i.e., the Kaya Lyre--which was to Kyoto"
a singer of song--
neither of heart break--but Weltaenshung (of the hearte-mind
of Pascal of Fiery Triangle of the Abyss of Trysagion of
the Heart of God__Emptiness, in the Kenosis of the Sonne--
Christ, and the Shakina of the Great Commandment of
Schema & the Gospel--
to preach the Gospel akin to TA_TA GA THA--of
Prajnamparamita--O Paramgate of the Hearte Sutra
of the Matreieya--of the Future & Ancestral

Is this Second Coming of Bzyantium--
or Assyrian Rite of Persia, India, and China
of the Martyred Nestorius---
where God was Made Flesh--
& Was Human, so you Christina--
& I share the Wastrel Bread of

II [3rd Veda of Primordial Past Apocalypse]

In the land yester-year, &
eternally Forevermore--
A kalpa of the Eschaton
of Vajra Apocalypse--
where within a Aeon--
the Order of Creation is
Destroyed  & Made New--
in quantum fractal
decibal circles of the lame,
blind, mute, deaf & of the paralytic
crown--"Go in faith, and offer
your sacrifice to God of Moses--
your faith has healed you."
Yet he ate with tax collectors,
sinners, & prostitutes,
For Sodom, will YHWHwill show more to
than Civitas Hominis
of Lawyers, Judges & Hypocrites

Mercy, to this destroyed city.

IV. [Ecclesia Orientalis--Spirutalisme----Ad Beatissima--Sanctissma Mater--Misercordiae--
Myong- Doenng, Miari Paris, Texas, Yoido, Korea (Sude)--SOBRO--
Ardsley0--Hartsdale/Larchmont, NY--a Boogie Down Bronx--

In this cast down, and stranger,
and exiled will all too find
a Sanctuary of Hope, & reparation
for their veiled & hidden suffering
to which Empires, Kingdoms &
 Sovereign States--
 have engaged
war, after war--where there is
now future hope of the Second
Coming, time, past, present & future--
in the Cycle of Ages, and Time
drawn from Paradisal Tree: West of Eden.

Richard  S.Y. Kim, OSSTB, PhD

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