Saturday, December 21, 2013

To & For Dr. Prof. Director, Chair & my Deus-Pater--Lingua Literaturae (Crimson-Violets)--John Maynard--with gratitude & love--"Methuselah's Sacrifice of Real Words: A Crypt--Sacra Biblia, History & Narrative as Puzzle"

----------Original Message----------
Suffer onto the West-
the White  Skinned-(Clad)
Hordes went East--
gate of Austria+ Hungary
Mongols trail China,
where Huns have made
their dwelling in Rome+
of the howling chant
of Islam &
by Indo-European-
of Nepal to & for under
the veil of Old Choson+
before the Jumon Period
of an Abraham & God of
Issac & Jacob, and spinning
wheel in sky of impending
doom, and Lotus Flower Bloom-
of the True Swastika of Greece
&Shaolin, Pulguksa, Puyo--
Kyoto & Kamakura+Temple
of the silence of unscathed swords+
Tribe, and Cognate
Clan left the Skin
of Tigers as Destruktion--
language of variant
unversal grammar & syntax
unifies the form of what
is occular--as to see &
Nothing left to write
or contemplate---the Abyss of Primordial
Time--without a foundation,
without Pillars of
scaffold of tradition--
but the language of
Methuselah, who promised
his sacrifice to the gods--
a young daughter---;
When he spoke--did
he  not all ready commit
to an act--whether for
the proportionality to
satisfy himself or
the gods---
as it works out--that
a man known for his
wisdom, became so
foolish to offer
a wage of blood lineage
to random chance--
his loss so grave--
or he had to survive--
if so, how & now;
Once spoken-
to trace a word--
to its origins-
with nomadic exiles,
after departures--
reprieve of wailing
to God__Head of Sunyatta-
where there is no infinite space,
but imprisoned in convicts' alley--
& Parsifal be Assumed to Heaven-
as Galahad,
will pray for Nietzsche for
"Thus Spoke Zarathustra";
as to give him a letter &

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