Monday, December 9, 2013

Martin Heidegger--to & for my Lord Mayor of Village-Dr. Prof. Director & Chair----John Maynard---ATTN: What is Time & Objectivity of Private (???) Discernment--as "Now" in the "Present Moment"


"t=The now is a temporal phenomenon that belongs to time as within--time--ness:.... in 'which';
some things comes into being, passes away, or is objectively present"

Being & Time, Trans. Joan Stambaugh (Dr. Prof. Joan Stambaugh, a pupil of Heidegger, Hunter College, CUNY), 1996, SUNY Press--Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy--

How we can relate to an objective truth, if we are not subjects to and of others. Has not the grim resentiment of what J.P. Sartre quips--"Hell is Other People"---- presents problems of peace, justice, & forebearing manners of quieted and well mannered persons.

What Heidegger presents the germs of Jurgen Habermas's seminal & great work on inter-subjectivity as playing a resolve to to make work a Deliberative--Participatory (whether classical Liberal or Neo-Liberal Western Democracy, and in light of Heidegger's being (Da-Sein)  Ethics of Sorge--Care***of, perhaps, Social Welfare  -----esp. transformation in Reforms toward a  Western Model of "Social Safety Net---" in Asia & Africa.

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