Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Quanta of National Dangerousness-Security and Harm to Privacy: A Frame Analytic

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE Does the media construct through editorial interpretation, what we perceive as Cyber-Threat analyses....if so this leads to a default in how objectively we can measure--a National Security Problem; much in the same way-we siay that an alarmist way of interpreting with a "matter of fact"--truth attaining assessment of the violation of privacy can be considered a delusional paranoiac "Big Brother" totalitarian police state. The threat of risk we ensue with reach its end, when theinsurance industry and government will no longer have the capacity to ensure all infrastructure or "things" that are a liability without limited functionality for Risk-Actuarial Methods. Is the Principle of Uncertainty as Indeterminacy of Interpeting Phenomena-Noumena as Object or Entity a task of Quantum Philosophy of "perception"??????? Or is it "Mind"-and Bhavgana - Hindu-Buddhist trans.--- "Mental Culture" Rsy Cyprianne A. Kim, PhD, ( Fellow,John Jay College of Criminal Justice Justice-Philosophy of Logic-Filepieus.Com) Gautam Ramakrishna, MD, (Mayo Cardio-Vascular Research Group-Virginia Commonwealth School of Medicine) David Gunther-SUNY ITT, Senior Fellow-Co-Alumni Pan American Inst. Please Welcome-David Gunther, Web Development Consultant

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