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Gadamerian "Truth & Methodological": A Threshold to Buddhist Historiography of the Image of Korean Buddhism--Mayahana Philosophy---

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE Dedicated to my Mother, Kim Bok Yun, Huh Sook, Robert Turley, Christina H.E. C, and Prof. M. Gibson, Gautama Ramakrishna, Nicholas Birns & John Maynard "Historical interpretation in the "spirit" of the writer" is necessary, then, because of the hieroglyphic and incomprensible nature of the content. In interpreting Euclid, says Spinoza, no heeds to life, studies, and habits (vita, studium, et mores) of that author, and that is also true for the Spirit of the Bible in moral matters (circa documenta moralia). Only bease these are inceompenensible thngs (res impercetibles)...... --Hans-Georg Gadamer, Truth & Method 1.1. What were the historical travels of Buddhist monastic missionaries to Ancient Korea-How has this been documented in terms of the Major Pre-eminent Monks of the Three Kingdom Korea, when Korea was unified by Silla-Tang Dynasty, Silla, Kogyreo, Paekche, and Heian Yamato? How did the Buddhist Indo-Chinese Lineage of Zen and Chinese Schools of Buddhism pas to Ancient Classical Korea (Choson) and how was Indo-Lineage of Kaya Kingdom, and Paekche, exile to Japan. 2.1. What is the ancestral heritage of Ancient Classical Buddhism of Ancient Korea in light of native Puyo Mongolian-Dong-Yi_Baek-Dal-Animism & evolution of Shamanism? 2.2. In what way has the history and Philosophy of the Buddhist Faith influenced the Culture of Pre-Yi Dynasty Korea up until the Fall of the House of Koryeo? 3.1. German & European Critical Reception-Interpretation of E. Asian Mayahana Philosophy since the 19th c.-and Contemporary bi-roads of American Buddhism. Richard S.Y. Cyprianne Andrewson Kim, PhD Abbot, Philosophy of Logic, & Ideogram Societas-, WIKI PROJECT

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