Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Question of Being, Time & Mayayana & Catholic Christian Understanding of Experience---

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE What Buddha experienced that led him to seek Enlightenment, prior the most severe ascesism of a primoridal yogin, that of fasting and meditation-was not complete-but was of mortification of death. Perhaps, what Heidegger attempts to do so is trying to understand the locus philo-mysatogicus center -as to what- Gadamer refers to the "demons" of history of consciousness, which are existential concerns. The question become how do we reach the state of nirvana consciousness, or in the Catholic Christian mystical tradition of San Juan De La Cruz's Mystical Union with God on Mt. Carmel--"Nothing, Nothing, Nothing": "Toda Y Nada"--"Everything & Nothing." The "Mother of the Buddha" saved him taught him the yoga of the mind defying the resistance to the desires of defilement of Dharma is not a "disembodied practice or speech, language, writing, faith or philosophy.' She supplied him milk, where after such a trial he became ever so further conscious to what is the desire to be both liberated and enlightened by both desire and and free from the dissatisfaction of the the world. "The strict mortification of the body and its appetite is the mortification of beasts" --San Juan De La Cruz-------- History of Consciousness as and a Awakening and Redemption translated as Fable of the Emancipation and Fulfillment of Identity, Personalist-Spiritual Way of Life lies parable-which Jesus Christ taught-"Let the children come to me, for they are heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven."--SYNOPTIC GOSPEL

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