Sunday, June 30, 2013

Korean Zen, Cham-Soen-and "Other faith and Wisdom tradition" in the Talmud

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE "Body, Speech, Mind is the triangle of the form of life." "She studied 2 years of mathematics: that was only formal education required." In lore it said the Buddha calculated Aeons of Infinity as very young child.: from TEACHINGS OF THE HEART, Zen Master Tae Heng Se Nim (Occiental, CA: Dae Shin Press, 1990. ____________________________________ "The rabbis taught: One who see Sages of Israel is to recite--Praised be He who imparted of His wisdom to those who revere Him. Praised be He who imparted his wisdom to His creatures. On seeing kings of Israel one is to recite: Praised be He who imparted of His glory to those revere Him. On seeing kings of other nations, he is to recite: Praise be He who imparted wisdom to His creature." =THE TRACTATE BERAKHOT, "IN PRAISE OF TORAH=PENTATUCH-" Talmud: Selected Writings, Trans. Ben Zion Bokser, & Baruch Bokser, Robert Goldenberg, City University of New York, Jewish Theological Seminary, USA, and U Pennsylvania, Jewish Civilization & Studies Dept. Classics of Western Spirituality: Paulist Press, 1989

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