Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Competent to Expert Episteme=Cyber-sur ++**++llence Knowing-"Do I care to know inter alia the Fragmentation of a Liberal Democracy" and Reportage of a "Secret Agent"

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE In light of the outrageous controversy about the past two weeks international news report which claim that National Security Agency & Homeland Security spied on every citizen and resident of the US by a NSA agent: would one care to know the special operations, and be resolute to be competent to understand the logical mathematical physics of cyber-surveillance computational=logic systems of such search Engine Machinery. To be an expert at this kind of surveillance among a Global-Political-Intelligence=Investigative "Machine." It has been thus said by Alan Westin, and David Rosen that "Privacy is Dead." Now can you logical understand every additive conjunctive, & overlapping set of all infinite subset can be made into a sytematic and ennumerated algorithim---as all scientific theory and hypothesis-begin with observation. If the whistle blower blew the whistle-why is he is seeking refuge in a sovereign state of which the status of national security post-WWII and Communist Revolution in E. Asia Pacific Rim under the Satellite of Star Wars, and Post-Korean War, with surveillance programs of NSA, DIA, CIA, and KCIA, and Japanese National Directorate of Intelligence (Dorothy Dening, INFORMATION WARFARE, 2002) can monitor a grain of rice dropping into rice bowl, over lentil soup? "Do I dare disturb the Universe?" The "Underdog"

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