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In Re Martin Heidegger, Dogen, Shuzaku Endo's + Destruktion + Silence (as Liminological) neither writing or reading, but Action, Praxis + "Good Work Spoken bears Fruity in ACTUS REUS--"Korean American Philosophy"


Martin Heidegger's "Analects" of "truth" + Theological Language of "Destruktion" IN Re S. Endo's "Sillence" & So-Inn Great Grand Master Research Professor Australian National University, Dr. John I. Kleinig--
E"XE Criminal Justice Ethics Director + Editor--John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY) +
CSU + U Melbourne--Research Professor--Public Ethics & Legal + Moral+ Social Philosophy of  "Criminal Justice, Penal + Corrections Culture" +"Nanotechnological Ethics"--


for and to My God-Pater of Language of Literature (for which the past memories of Dr. John Maynard teaching theory as Mentor in 19 C. text & Bakhtin & Robert Browning's 'Sordello'"-& and like to thank Nicholas Birns (New School) for his assistance as NYU since 1990--

Ad Multos Annos for a Later Retirement, NYU (Emeritus)---

(BEING & TIME, Joan Sambaugh, SUNY Press, 1996. P. 211)

As Heideger believed that the conceptual quest for truth as identity for an "onto-theological" identity of self--hood (Being & Time, 211) as remainder & legacy of how Plato has constructed what is apriori--idein as being a metaphysical "frame of reference" of Forms (Viz., Plato's_PHAEDO). That in the Socratic Cave--that the Shadows outside & exteriori to which Visions of cognitive + Perceptual faculty doesn't prove real or false--other than to attempt to record what and how we "invent a discourse" for the fundamental problem solving "practicum" + ancient "axiological"--theorem via language to re-present how we understand language as a reference point, or a historical convention of "diaspora of travels among the Ancient Tribes, Races, Clans + Kin-folk--which exercise the Sovereign Natural Law Rights of the "Polis" or the Greek--"Acropolis" (please, see Catherine Pickstock, AFTER WRITING: LITURGICALCONSUMATION OF PHILOSOPHY."

To say that prior to very Early Heidegger, who may have profoundly moved by Plato, Philo, and Aristotle, Practical, but deploys a Meta-Philosophy, though his departure from English, late "Oridinary Language School" inter alia--Ludwig Wittgenstein & John Austin; Heidegger's indirect gloss of an inference shepards a Late sense of what has been lost in words of "Death of God" metaphysical & ontology of nihilism, which is stated as Heidegger still still clings (B &T, 211) to the burdensome rupture or inter-locking relation, as where for--if the responibility, and sacred & fundamental goal of both Edmund Husserl's Mentoring Heidegger is in "relatio" to the search of truth & Dasein (Being) than it is in contradiction to say that Heidegger did not guage out the sense of a phenemological interpretation of God, Ethics, and Later Anti-Metaphysics (in re in his profound exchanges and dialogue With D.T. Suzuki, who was a lay Monastic Zen Philospher (RCF
See also the Dialogue of Eric Fromm + DT Suzuki, "Psycho-Analysis & Zen"***** at NYU & Columbia University, Psychology, Psychiatry, Philosophy Department,

In sum, Heidegger writes with clarity, grace, and penetration: "And in definition of (this inquiry) in its truth, the inquiry will have be ontologically defined as the discovery of beings and their truths."

In sum the relation to ontology of being & with others is in toto involves the question of (Da-Sein) as to without "truth(S)" as infinite gambit risk to bear upon as Juan De La Cruz, & Meister Ekhart, to be dispossed of self, and even in the despair of a God, who in Da Dae So Nim: is not a religious, dogmatic, philosophical, metaphysical, historical, and so......but "LOVE." The Silence of the Budda: & the internal Dramaturgy of being union with out God, from which we not only return to "dust & ashes" but the "ex nihil vacuo"----of the "ABYSS OF VIRTUE OF GOD." To the "Cruciform, of the agony of souls, illness of the body & Avatar of Chaos in the world, our doubts" which we are like new cars in a parking lot, and dream that we owned them, & not knowing who owns them+ with without Keys--

Great Zen Master Dogen + Shuzaku Endo--`17C. Novel--"SILENCE" as Meta-inference +
Syncretism of Faiths and/or Liminology

In which what we mirror the 12 gates of Zen (of Dogen's Teaching) is with out our writing, language, gesture, we still communicate what is wisdom + discerning spirtual of Buddhism of the Buddha.

It is to use a wonderful, and pioneering intercultuturation of East to West Pop-Culture "Asian + Western Fusion: Spock--"Mind Meld-Mending" Seal of Logic & New Scientific Humanitarianism of the Vulcan Tribe + "Next of Kin."

"Who is Buddha, Buddha is Mind, Mind is Buddha"--->The Buddhist Compassion of syncretic Religion between Mid-Late 17th C. Buddhism--"One cannot disavow God in Buddhism, because percetory faculty should not render any iconic--ideogram---which destroys the Re-presentation, and meta--inference to what Buddhist theory of language points to. Just look, "frog leaps from lotos pond by to mud."

Rsy Cyprianne Andreweson Kim, PhD, 2nd Dean, OOSTB
Research Fellow
Public Management/CRJ-IT/Philosophy

On Terse Reflection Past Memory of a Chrysanthem Wine + Western Mediaval + Renaissance Liberal Art--as Exit-Re-Entrance to What Was, Is, & Futurist Legacy


for FW Ned Benton, my Great, Gentilesse + Wise Master

That wich is beginning next to red & white+ exit signs,
can well intend the happiness, and felicitiousness of our
neighbors and ourselves.
In not recognizing the importance of social harmony
of what is just in law, policy, and political & social
structures and "inner I-O (Indusrial--Organizational Behavioral
Psycho-Physics (experimental + clinical) for the happiness
of all, not on a consequential ethical basis--but for the company
& co-workers, and a Managerial System--which does not oppress
and exploits their labor production of surplus value***not given to
all who give their werewithal for minimum wage,
as they are beneath a "fair & just wage,"
is still the remainder of legacy of Prophets of Sacred Scriptures,
as an Internal Foundation of Vineyards of Flower Wines of
the Orient, with a closure that that West & East will there
be bridge of 3 Dragons + Tempest of White-Blue, Red & White Cranes
painted in Rice Paper with Sanskrit, Pali, & Classical Chinese + Korean
+ Japanese & "Queens's English" + Webster Dictionary+ with a Black
Oil charcoal Calligraphy brush--
, as to hitheto-fore + the true Classical Liberal of the Mediavel
& Renaissance Liberal Science of the Arts & Sciences---
of the Orient glossed in a cheladon 12 Century Koryeo antique
exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum, NY, NY-where
Blakes infinity in a grain of sand lets the eye shut rest, &
keep even the wheels of his chariot to spheres of Heaven-
FWB-riding the fire of Shakepeare & Wheel of Fire
Mentor, Roger Deakins--Medaival and Rennaisance
Studies, CAS--

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