Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Miisive to a "Micro--Partitioning+ Set Theory As String Theory=Visionary Trope for Vajra/Tantra Yogacare + Not ID (Hyper-Sexuality)---


Remember, Dae Dae Han Ah Shi--Kyo-Sue Nim--Aunty Christina EHC_________--(trans--Great Great Grand Lady Master Professor CEHZ,)-

As you suggested to me--"Go into Publishing" & or Teach as "Adjunct at Jay" to see if it is good "FIT"--& have I to apply to MPA I-G Program + to do Field Work--& (& remain affiliated CUNY GC Research Foundation)--as an Independent Scholar + have just enough with my savings for my Seed Capital- for my Non-Profit Org.--as to go to Fordham or NY Law School (Night School) to complete the "set" of doing LEGAL RESEARCH on Cyber-+ Law + Constitutional Procedure + Investigation + National Security Law + Advanced International Criminal Law + Procedure to Combat Asian Trans-National Organized Crime--+ Intellectual Property Right + Mental Health Law (that is Public Interest) + Constitutional Jurisprudence--

I don't plan to marry so I will aim to be Certified Forensic Psychologist under the Post Graduate Program Certification Program Dr James Wulach--to help the Cultural Trauma + Plight of Asian Crime as to remedy by Rehabilitation & Treatment Models--

You're CEO President--and Senior Existenz Counselor through out my whole time at CUNY GC--+ "Power ""Global Real Estate Developer + Broker"-------------->Literally-----in the sense that my grant me from NYU to CUNY GC---in toto Approx--980,500 G to 1.2 Million G--

Christina Had I lived in the Past Life---->you are a Imperial Queen among the Daughter of Mary--to whom I would slay a Dragon--for you--if besieged by the "Dark Forces Which Must Awaken" for the Doom's Day + Medieval "Wrath of God" + End Time Play----I would be your most loyal subject for how much great generosity + love + TRUE CARE + INSIGHT in Understanding the "Asiaticism" of our Common Culture--both Christian, + Buddhism--which I am successor to Arch-bishop Joe-Inn, 

Thank you for everything! Love til the Inkwell dries low + ready---------------->to go back to school + work--
Give my Most Respectful + High Regards to Jacob,


Rich Kim

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