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May 1, 2014 - motive of human action links all realms of endeavor-*religion*, (Great Great H. Putnam Late Work so Religious Philosophy & Pure Philosophy Understanding of Philosophy ton guide Faith-which for me a "a Late understanding of "integral realism" for Landmark interepration of PI--& B & B Books + FOUNDATION OF MATHEMATICS+++
metaphysical .... Counter-Terrorism + War-Fare-- *Richard S.Y. Kim*, PhD
thats most ... crime, cultural criticism, philosophy, surveillance, and
*poetry* and *religion*, <_________________>Mast-head of SCPC___
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 Anglo-American philosophy -
<>+ List of Jewish Philosophy, as "micro-Member to "List of Jewish Philosopher" (wiki--Aecyclopedia) of criminal law---as "list" with SCPC---------------

Humbly submitted, "For Pride is the Kiss of Death"---Dean James P. Levine, as to my "lethal" blow with Distinguished Prof Dr Robert R. Sullivan of Neo_Marxist-_Foucaldian Feminism---

Truly--"As Grace Under Pressure"--Earnest Hemingway--"a raging bi-polar + as well with NYU--Tisch SA--Film School--- Don
Martin Scorcesse in his Early Years--

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