Thursday, November 13, 2014

Three Cheers for Liberal Democracy East + West: Merry Thankgsiving to All Americans & Great Readers of the SCPC Blog Journal


Happy Thanksgiving! (Dedicated to Neo-Liberal Classicists + Western & Neo-Orientalist of Asia)

Herein-Society of the Lotos-Rose [(Association of Silla ([Park, Kim, Suk)]  of Hwarang  Knights----Present--Genoleogical "Depostitum" of South Korean Government  & Cultural Foundation Archives in Seoul, Korea. More need research on Ancient Kogyeuro, & Paekche; and to Read on Asian Military History as  warfare + aftermath  as outcome to peace, or further war & bloodshed or genocide--in War+ IE-WWII, & Korean War + Vietnam + Balkanized States--Armenians---


My Great Grand-Father's Sword is as symbolic emblem & iconography of the classical model of Sino-Korean Classical tradition-a Sage, Classicist, & Poet, Swordsman & Magistrate Judge--in late in Mid-Late Yi Dynasty chronicle of  19th Century.


THREE KINGDOM WAR (Ancient, Classical China), THREE KINGDOM WAR (Ancient Classical Korea), TALE OF THE HEIKE (Ancient Classical Japan).


Can I recover from the past???


"When the Fire & Rose are One" (T.S. Eliot, 4Q)<______________________>All thing as transcendental converges unto Upper Horizons as One--Martial Philosophy of Peace--Philosophy of "ONE"--IL_YEO----




Richard S.Y. Kim




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