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1.1I<----2.1 "Preface + Introit + Background + Foreground="Gangster of the Lotos of Rose": A PHILOSOPHICAL-NOVEL ON HISTORIOGRAPHY OF LEGACIES OF HOPE & VISIONS OF PEACE, & NOT CHAOS---


2.1  To Remember William James, an Anglo-American Great, MD--The Philosophy of Mind + Silence of God: "Answer of the Buddha"--Atman-Shantih, Shanitih--"Peace which Surpasses Understanding"
In these wars, Mr. William J. Stone at night, he was consulted on more than 2,000 years of Asian Civilization, History, Philosophy, as Dr Stone was a Linguistic Anthropologist & Philosophical Theologian, Military  Historian @ Harvard, with (H.D.Litt) from London, Oxford, Cambridge, NYU, & UC-Berkley-Chicago-Columba, Illinois, UCLA, Dartmouth, Yale, Fordham, CUNY, Chicago, Seoul, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Keio + Tokyo + Ohio-State + Indiana.  His acclaimed work on the Axiological Primitivism of Han Dynasty + the Tribal +Kin Folk+ Clan of Dongyi Tribal Federation landed a Won Hyo Philosophical Anthropology at UC-Berkeley Chair. What was the case that in his mid-50's that he wanted to be a Priest but not of the Western Christianity, or Eastern Orthodoxy, but reconciliation between understanding the hypostasis of the God-head, which imitation was as is  the divinity of Jesus Christ, and his disciples as Hermits + Monks in Philosophers's Stone, & of the Word of God-as remnant of Christian West. This  having being said--what was left in the prayers & mortification of an Abbot, Society of the Lotos of the Rose, he received an encrypted e-mail, in by way no means to de-coding e-mail; however, thus-- Mr. Stone randomized numbers by meta-inference & intuivistically+ through experimental true or false multiples using structural equations & F-Value by Mind-Transmission in calculating Infiitiy (charism of Sakaykamuni Budda as 5 year old child) an Ion of time--were he to to predict WWWIII, as strands of straw to decode the encryption.

He meditated for 23 years, and practiced the Indic-Yoga-Cara-which he learned from the Professor of Sanskrit as a Doctoral Student during  the Korean War. He was up at night reading the newspapers-when the NSA, FBI International Agency + CIA-Methodologists---wanted to consult as him as Forensic Expert, as an Archeological Geneologist & Linguist + Historian + Military Philosopher as to consult Mr. Stone about the New Black Plague of the Terrorism & Warfare,  & of  Human Traffic, Corruption & Narcotics +Ecological Toxic Pollution--as in line of what the Ancient, Primordial religions + support Terrorism & War over geo-politiks of Civilization+Cyber-War + Prospect of WWWIII; as it were the the most nihilistic act of violence against humanity (as it were the prophecies of Fydor Dostoevsky were to manifest themselves where time is all present (as in Final Judgment Day).

Mr. Stone said-"My guess, without philosophizing or presenting an erratic lecture at this time. I have retired--& no longer seek any social media attention to make myself to look important, and a scholar which no one knew or understood, so I am sorry that I cannot help you. I am 60's years old & the Only thing I care is about is my BONS MORS. Just read my books."
"If you really want to know what  I know to know what I am--(I am retired)+"I an Abbot--I (Hermeticus Primatus) of Dongyi/Chinese in which "Limits to Language of Divine Philosophy is one of the Elemental Understanding   of Nature & Insight to the understanding human suffering. (of the nomadic philosophical religions of  the Mongol Tribe) For this reason I waited, & clandestinely joined as Dean, which my Spiritual Lord & Master Joe-Inn Tze. 

 It is not a Church or Hermitage--which I will "say & have written in the most obscure journal--"Desert of Heart+ of God, in suffering White & Red Martyrdom.

Again, Mr Perry said, an FBI Agent-said "I see--but we beg you to show us the way of the Ancient + Problem of Human Sex-Trade + Narcotics+ Illegal Medicine (Chinese) Black Market Trade in Asia as a Parallax to the West + Africa---
"I am not a Police Agent, or Head of an Investigative + Intelligence; it I were in your shoes in field of the profession have to be tutored by you."

"I am Arch-Priest, & my wife has been dead for 30 years.  I must care for my daughter."

 "'O Zion, thou city sole & single, mystagogical mansion hidden away, now I rejoice in thee,

now I mourn for thee!

Mr. Darien Charlemagn said that-I was once Cistercian Priest & Monk--and Read this Latin--that was overjoyed of Lex

 Orendi et Lex Credendi--

Mr. Stone said: "Urbs Sion unica,  mansion mystica, condita coelo--" St. Bernard the White--

"There is silence of peace + heavens, let us not rob the glory of God of Good Creation of Heaven,

lest the Bastard son takes his Father to pay his debts in the Hell of the Underground or

traffickin--whom  without God anything, as Dostoevsky says---writes as the Nihilism of the Extreme Terrorism beyond any

ANALYTIC RE_CALL or dangerousness  discourse of Foucault" AGAINST SOCIETY & EMPIRES--

"These matters are too controversial for me, and I must take care of my daughter"


Dedicated to Karl Mannhiem Professor Don JH Morgan-- of Philosophy  & History of Social Science, Graduate Theological Foundation Inst/University of Oxford, Christ Church-- (target Publisher--Riverhead Publishers, Harper-Collins, Scribner, or Yale or Harvard U Press, NYU Press, Galahad Press by 2018)FWN Benton, James P. Levine, BL, JD, PhD
Truly am Yours, Happy Thanksgiving--
Richard SY (St) Andrewson Kim

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To & For Dr FW Benton, (Great Grand Master Post-Empiricist Research & Analytical Policy Design Architect + Simplicity Theory of the Behavioral Science + Theory of Applied Probability  (Sage, Harvard, Illionois--Math & General Science Dept.), Dr Mary Gibson, Chrisitina EH C, A.Schwartz---


For  Roger, John (Deus-Pater Linguae de Literatura) &
(Strategic Meta-Philosophy of  the Remains of Logical Positivism Post Wittgenstein) & Nicholas, (Great GM Lit.Crit & Theoria via THEORETIKON) ---Adolf Soto (Tijo, Cogntive-Dialectical & Forensic Psychiatry--&--- (Harvard,U o I-U-Champagne-- NYU, NEW SCHOOL, FORDHAM, AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL U), "Donna Professora Philogiae" Dr M.Lowrie--"

1.1. I will make trips into the City, & get  inter-library loans--& for writing "poly-A-tonal, sextet of the dark heart of HK, Tokyo, Seoul--Pusan, South Korea (from a "historical" review), since Silla, Kogyureo, Paekche, & Yamato-Fujiwara ^ with Tang Dynasties([pass 2,000 years ago) & legacy of these wars + still prevails in terms of millennial eschatological foresight of Domination of "Ghost" of Empires which can be healed from the  great wounds & scars (through a Ancient, Classical--Primordial Faith which can never be written down, as Tribal-Common Kin Folk Law) even to the present day.
1.2. 3rd Person--Narrative: The fictional Family Trees of Kingdoms  in China, Korea + Japan +co-eval with Indo-Europe + Ural-Altaics/Afro-Asiatic/those who claim Israel--Ishmael as Patriarchs of Ancient Order--in which traditional Textual Source reveal not one iota of evidence of these lineages--prior to questioning the authorship of  First Five Book of Hebrew Scripture--------
1.3 How the Wars killed 10 Lords (13 Emperors+ leaving 300 Ronins &100,000 Great  Knight Retainers of the China + Korea + of the realm of 1)Council of the High Elders+ who are Advisors to 3 Kings--(& to of 3 King's sons)
Branch Cousins of the Inter-Dynastic  Peace Relation was destroyed by a meeting of Kings, Generals, Knights + Sage Scholars--which follows the killing of all Kings, who made peace in Classical China, Korea & Japan & Indo-Nepal/Chinese. It "was either a mass global conspiracy" or set up in "nodal Cells" of Sniper Marks Shooters, and Master Swordsmen of Feral Beasts + Wolves--All who died in this war against all--were murdered systematically by Invisible Ninja (Clans) Assasins working for Hire+ or Psycho-Psycho-Pathological Homicidal Madmen who kill for sport + to sell the knights' armor, swords + guns of the fallen soldiers in the Black Market.
1.4."Who & Where 13 Emperors: Forsaken by All, Save for the Loyalist in which there is Coupe to Overturn + Destroy the "Elders of Mt. Sinai + Olives+ Salvat.
The Abraham lineage as written Text in the mystery of the canonical Biblical Text of both Old & New + Apocryphal Hellenistic Judaism + Essene Scripture + Book of 1 & 2nd Ezekiel, Hosea + Book of Apocalypse, 12 of Beloved Apostle St John-
Who are the 13 Emperors of the North, South & East West---a Map to the Higher Kingdom as Diabolic Attacks of Possessed of the Fallen Lesser Kingdom given to evil & corruption & treason of the Holy Writ & Throne of God.--The 13 Emperor through transmit the seals of the Buddhadharma +carita+ yoga+cara of the whole self for once once enslaved perons+ the healing through Spiritual  + Heart, Spiritualist Mime of Voice  of Haling+  from 500 years of Last torture of the Mizekiel-Demons-Gods+ their General sto to conquer the whole Cosmos + Ions of Good Creation of God--to last warfare in Hand of Prince Michael the Ark Angel--to destroy the whole Cosmos for God's New Creation (in an Eschaton) as to save the mortals who have been sold into slavery after the assassination of 13 Emperors of the Foundation of the Society of the Lotos of Rose of the Priest of Asia--in tunic black and shawl of red, white + blue with Cross (Celtic + Italia Crucifix) strings + Magdala Star (Tatoo of the Society of the Lotos of Rose+ to save what is remainder of all that is Just, Merciful, filled with the Love of  Truth, Love, Beauty +Justice + War-Craft to which a "Just War" in Light of St. Augustine's Treatise of "Civitas Dei" &  Zen-Taoist Buddhist Philosophy of War, 1-2 Maccabeus is waged----All Text of Profound Ordering of the State, Society & Political + Social Philosophy (I.E. Carl Schmidt, Eric Voeglin + Leo Strauss)+ to the complete Anarchy in which the Government and Legal & Judicial + Prefecture of Oversight "Inter-Dynastic Orbital Treaty" against Corruption + Coup tragically fails to be audited-in lieu of Mathematical Financial Welfare of the Poor + Corruption of the Monarchy + E+ Meets West (Decadence & Repression of the Poor by "Lords of Misrule)".  Where were the Chief Inspector Generals to prevent this type of Corruption of relation to Elder Councils now ordered the Ninja Clans to murder off the 3 Sons of 3 Kings (they survived in combat many, many, Ninjas from Black Demon-worshippers of devils---(CRF Nazi's in Tibet), where told by their Fathers to take the role of beggars monks (monks) as truly a Trial & Text to work out their Soul, Body, + Mind Constitution in complete isolation with out a healer, if they become psychotic in hunger + thirst + to reach a level of Great Zen Master---

2.1 William Jame's essays on--"Multi-Verse" + presents His conception & ontology of Modern "Religious Belief"--& Orientalist Psychology (Buddhist)--& second  to intermesh post WWII+++Korean+ Vietnam Wars to the present day of combatting International Slavery Trade & Corruption + Narcotics.This sequential order of thinking & narrative  will be contextualized for "Late Modern" Period of West + Neo-Classical Buddhism + Korean Ecumenical + Interfaith Theology--

3.1 Whether just or unjust, the burden of history which can resolve from the disbelief & skepticism--which from reading NYT, WSJ, & Only++the Very Best Academic Journals--which I find resourceful enough to frame these issues & serious concerns as historic-critique reader-and meta-analytic philosophy + liminology of Eastern tradition.

By Richard SY (St.) Andrewson Kim, Dean, OSSTB, PhD
Research Fellow
John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY


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