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Spine & Historical Narrative Research as Data for Case History & Data Managment--As Style--"Gangster of the Lotos of the Rose--A War of All Against All, Save for the Children of the Light + Where Darkness is Avowed in the Abyss of the Void---


2.5The Princes  Proceed to follow the Lost Great Grand General + Shoguns in Retreat from Battle & War against All Post Destruction of Court, Society & Law & Economy, Government + Famine: 
by Providence Fall the Rest, will last, if all take weapons and arm themselves for the Rule of Anarchy take hold of Society of Beasts.

7 Great Generals + & Shoguns  of Angels Incarnate of Spiritual Flesh Rescues the Princes, where the Fallen Traitor (No Name of Geneology) runs back to Shaolin (starves because they ate all the food that was prepared by Shaolin Makes, who ride with Shoguns of Way of Justice-& Terror, as the Dark Angel of Past Time, of Moses & Josephy+ where Protectorate of Shaolin + Heaven travel  with Mothers & Childrens + Grandfathers + Mothers to Puyo, Chulado, and Sokkuram, Pusan---(Work in Progress...returning the favorable reading of these excerpts, and late Modern History and Political & Martial Philosophy of the "Question of Naturalist-Philosphical Theological
Apocalypse which is Vajra/Hindu-Buddhist/+ Judaeo_Christian Buddhism of Voeglin, Strauss,  American Philosophy to Buddhist I-Ching + Tripikata--- (Philosophy of ancient Philsophy of Primoridal Times + as the Plot--& Foil thickens of Oriental Jigsaw Puzzle, which is akin to a "A Game of Go."
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 2.4.  The Princes of Western Hills (Tae Shin) & the Other Sun of  Trees (Yeong Ryu), & Unamed No-Geneology (Choe-Buel) + the Great Lord of Red + Blue Skies (Dae Soel)

--Departing & Having Met in Shaolin, burned and razed down--to find aid the monks of Master Joi-Inn Arch-bishop for one last time. To seek the Arch-Bishop as who under name of
Maeshikeil, the Demon Face-Killer apostate of Buddhism, who allied himself with the Nazi during WWII, and stole from the Tibetan Vaults the Necro-nom-icon
of Devils, Demons + Fallen Spirits. The 3 Princes when at the this Legendary & Temple as the Founder, Boddhidarma, who also waged war as self-defense from bandits, & barbarian invaders of China, & loyalist to Tang Throne. Now Shaolin Temple became safe haven of Mothers, & Children from the Black Plague. In 50 days--the the Loyalist Retainer Knights & Ronin sent messages through the charism of the attendant Abbot from Puyo Temple, Chulado, + the Secretary of  State + Defense Emissaries travel to Japan that the attack was also in Japan. No question why? But that it happened that the Japanese Monks asked an unquestionable understanding of Karma, but these events followed by 7 years in counting--on what grounds, has such history impacted on the classical tradition of the Far East.


2.5. Among the 3 Princes it was known by the Church of England's Classical Orientalist that among the 3 Princes was the last off-shoot of 1st Dongyi Patriarch & his Cousin + the Last branch of Chinese Emperor at the the end of WWII, & the Japanese Occupation. One would be a traitor, and that was why as aspect of the duplicity of the Monarchical Sovereignty --in which Fr. Joe-Inn sacrificed himself to meet at SAFE HAVEN GATE OF SHAOLIN, TEMPLE, Protect & Fortress of Tang + Silla Alliance + Fortress/ of "geo-political Trust + Ministry of "War + Peace" of Count Lev Tolstoy was a Religious Eastern Orientalist.


1.7. Dr William Stone lectured on the hegemony of Empires & asked what all neo-liberal, & left realist scholars have understood+ that what Japanese Corp. thinking in the 80's, which was 15 years back--that "BUSINESS IS WAR!"--He felt awfully terrible that he turned the NSA, FBI & CIA away--but called them to read his classified essay in the vaults of John Jay College of Criminal Justice & NYU + Harvard + Princeton + Columbia+Chicago A treatise on the "Question of Sexual Slavery, Narcotics,  Corruption in Antiquity" which he wrote in 1967-would be of good use for the Agency Methodological Research Depts., which they needed cartographers, + anthropological archivist-linguist to read the language in her own ancient language."

by Richard SY (St) Andrewson Kim, Dean, OSSTB, Ph.D
Abbotus Societas: (Primatus Nullam [UNUM+ SECUNDUM+ TERTIAM" DE PROFUNDIS-"R. Crashaw + O. Wilde")
Research Fellow
John Jay College/CUNY
Dept. PAD-Philosophy/CRJ_I-T

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