Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Sudden Tide of Calm Mt. Rain: Preface to 'GANGSTER OF THE LOTOS OF THE ROSE"



For  Roger, John (Deus-Pater Linguae de Literatura) &
(Strategic Meta-Philosophy of  the Remains of Logical Positivism Post Wittgenstein) & Nicholas, (Great GM Lit.Crit & Theoria via THEORETIKON) ---Adolf Soto (Tijo, Cogntive-Dialectical & Forensic Psychiatry--&--- (HARVARD,U o I-U-Champagne-- NYU, NEW SCHOOL, FORDHAM, AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL U), "Donna Professora Philogiae" Dr M.Lowrie--"


1.1. I will make trips into the City, & get  inter-library loans--& for writing "poly-A-tonal, sextet of the dark heart of HK, Tokyo, Seoul--Pusan, South Korea (from a "historical" review), since Silla, Kogyureo, Paekche, & Yamato-Fujiwara ^ with Tang Dynasties([pass 2,000 years ago) & legacy of these wars + still prevails in terms of millennial eschatological foresight of Domination of "Ghost" of Empires which can be healed from the  great wounds & scars (through a Ancient, Classical--Primordial Faith which can never be written down, as Tribal-Common Kin Folk Law) even to the present day.


2.1 William Jame's essays on--"Multi-Verse" + presents His conception & ontology of Modern "Religious Belief"--& Orientalist Psychology (Buddhist)--& second  to intermesh post WWII+++Korean+ Vietnam Wars to the present day of combatting International Slavery Trade & Corruption + Narcotics.This sequential order of thinking & narrative  will be contextualized for "Late Modern" Period of West + Neo-Classical Buddhism + Korean Ecumenical + Interfaith Theology--


3.1 Whether just or unjust, the burden of history which can resolve from the disbelief & skepticism--which from reading NYT, WSJ, & Only++the Very Best Academic Journals--which I find resourceful enough to frame these issues & serious concerns as historic-critique reader-and meta-analytic philosophy + liminology of Eastern tradition.



RS Y (St.) Andrewson-Kim

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