Wednesday, September 24, 2014

To Chandu, Vivek, Gautam + Anita--with Love + Higest Cordial + Prajna+ Metta Sutta--from Richard Sang Yeong CA Kim


To my Teacher of Hindu & Vivekananda + Anita+ Gautama+ Yogacara of the  Bhavagan (Mental Culture), with gratitude + high appreciation+

By the river of Han-
though I have left
as Karmic boy, blessed
you are that gave you
from Kwan Yin child,
in futures years
to be Eastern Byzantium
Catholic of Istanbul-
Eastern Orthodoxy of
on the Diamond of
Mt & dry, cool plains
+ Fields-
Salve, Theotokos,
Mihique Nobis-
The 3rd Intuitive Directive of Secret
Vajr/Zen Mystagogy
of Shaolin Temple
burnt to oblivion by
the Manchus-the Ming
loyalist tortured, & lost
the battle as Manchuria-- China-
as in "Last Emperor"--
of Empresses of Serial Murders,
if she doesn't have her way--
Those who follow Christ, Moses,
or Buddha, not their
fallible followers-who
do not prayer in their closets,
& make sure of their right
& left hand--
to Buddha Palm of striking &
blocking technique of the
Boddhisatva combat of
Last 16th Teaching of Buddha--

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