Saturday, September 13, 2014

Action + Realist Post Liberal--Viision of India + Ardsley High School( Alumna) + SE Asiatic Syrian Catholicism of the Fruition of Belief in Light of All Consequence, But Love-Jin Shil Ahne Ne Sa Lam--Yoga of the Hearte--For Arya_____


You wrote on her Timeline.
As dew liken to the sea shore does not Sunne cry out for peace, justice & mercy set
the fire on the water.
Upon these hollow tomb stone written in Sanskrit & Sino-Korean + does the voice of
uncanny Banshee strike with their voices of terror--that once to love, all is never to keep, unless what Eustace Suk finds reality in the Unreal--& her prescense guiding him to the Cantica of boundary to Heaven--the leap of personhood with Body Resurrected in the Beatific Vision--we await the BANQUEST FEAST OF LOVE OF THE SAINTS!--How long must I wait you to see you--A ghost of Poe, and Book of Ezekiel & New Testament of Hope & Good News of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity!
Whether I to be a deaf man--it cries out your Name--Arya-Sa--Jose! Ave Maria, Salve Nos----

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    • Richard Kimc Dear Arya Shi (honorific particle for pronouns in Korean)--it will be take 5-7 years to be fully operational with Profession, as a Legal-Social (Action & Post-Empiricist Methodological Philosopher + soon to short, or far to apply to Foundation House/Oxford University, Christ Church College--to build a Non-Profit Organization in relation to our Blog, + SCPC Inst. What ever time it may take for this to happen, I offer up it to God--and seeing you--and if correspondent by e-mail + hard-copy texts for 4-books--as I complete--I hope if you choose to live in NY--I will offer you a proposal for marriage, and support you that you would not have to work--as I will financially support our marriage--that is IFF all things work in God's time, & neither an mortal sense of what is temporal & selfishly vulgar--
    • Richard Kimc But before anything--when fully solvent & in the black I would like to meet you, to see if we are compatible + well suited for one another--
    • Richard Kimc Love Much, Sincerely in Christ, Respectfully
    • Richard Kimc Richard SY Kim, PhD
    • Richard Kimc

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