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for in the past several years would like to most sincerely & cordianlly thank******---

Security--Cyber--(Please Clink Below"--to understand the salt, light, gravitas, et sensibila of what is the "INTELLIGENCE"--FUNCTION,  In RE Cyber-Crime, Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism + War-Fare--

Richard S.Y. Kim, PhD thats most gratefully and graciously Thank Security-Cyber for being aligned Topoi & Issues--Trends of "F.O"PSS + in WWW--simple state--



Nov 21, 2010 - A Blog Bulletin introducing current ideas on cyber-security, crime, cultural criticism, philosophy, surveillance, and poetry and religion, ...
Humbly Submitted and High Praise of SECURITY-CYBER****
Here SCPC + SC hope to balance and stand togethers as Fellowship among F.O,. Apps./Spec.Opss--where there is no agency--whether to Blow the whistle--without consideration of what is "INTENTION" of execution--as Veiling State Sovereingty "Secrets"---> (John Kleinig, F Warren Ned Benton, Adina Schwartz, James P. Levine, Barry Latzer0

"ASPEECH ACTS" (CRF Lord Profs John Austin, & John Searle, Jae Kwon Kim) in lieu
of L. Wittgenstein, Flowere Sermon of the Buddha, FR Leavis--Cambridge via Oxford U---
RCF--Endowed Research Proff Don: Josopeh Rax-<----------------->Action Philosphy of the Law, Social Sciences, Post Pragmatism to "Internal Realism( Hilary Putbnam)//Communicative Action + Speech + Writ--in a Liberal Participatory Democracy----(Jurgen Habermas)

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