Monday, September 22, 2014

Form Existenz-Agens CHECHZ---


& For Christina CHCZECZ, mihi existenz agens----for 16 years coming 2015

By the flooding from a Tear Drop
of my Personalist Boddhisattva--
the Maitreaya
She stands on a chair-
to the Future Dharma-
& she will destroy
the Anti-Dharma-
but standing Naked
& Invoking the the Demon-Gods,
& 3 Cobra Snakes
who protected the Tatagatha
Until she comes,
what can I know
It is good to be Alive--
By that desire of right path
& virtues, the memoria-amor
which St. Augustine confession
of what sensual lust, sublimated
--unspoken word of "Love
& do what you will."\
"To Carthage, I came burning
as rose, w/o thorns--
Salve Theotokos, Blessed Virgin
Maria-nos et totus tuus-
In Thy Dream Kingdom,
of the Orient with it spices
& opiatic delirium--
to forgive the Colonial + ]
Post Colonialist
Instrumental vulgar Marxist]
--(RCF-INDO-CHINE, film)
in Love + Mercy we
embrace + LIVE
the Gospel & Dharma &
Tao of the scorched earth
made made made by
of the Sarum Mass--
were I too return back to my NYU
meditaton,--Asiatic Anglo Catholic'
Marxist-Foucauldian, in which]
my hypothesis via Heidegger,
Marx + Foucault, Now the
New International
So I am your pupil, Auntie C-
who gave so much of your
Pedagogy as Slav-between
Vienna, Budhapest-Indo-Tibet
Mongolia (my Origin of Origins)
Korea Japan
Hear all Bikkhu, + with Insight
learn the truth in the Quantum of
Faith is the Heart-of Sutra & Sacred
Heart of Christ, IHM-
Lead us not into temptation
Til we as humble, wretched servants
with the Atonement of and For the Jews
for your Coming, for first Yeshem +
the other Second Coming of Christ,
who will come in Glory to defend His
Flock-the Rider of White Horse+
& His Vestment written in Blood--
"True & Faithful"----
& "Deliver us from evil"
--"to Burn for Thy Peace, how long I have so long"-
-(RCF-St Augustine's Confessions)
Richard SY Kim, OSSTB, PhD
Research Fellow/
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
CUNY Graduate Center

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