Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To Beata & Sapienta Pro Christina


to and for Beata Aunty C. E.H. C, Existenz Agens-hearte, actus reus-Hearte

for & to Beloved Aunty C.E.C.
always with Love & Gratias--

Time passes by and where do we go,
 and there is more
space than the  very cold winter
of the eclipse of Moon,
but not of the Sunne,
hearte's palaver, and hearth
of sand castles of a realist's
ideal, whom Elena, my Existentiale
The light at the Night Sky,
shines  more brightly the dawn-
Since, she pairs her nail-
and to see her wisdom,
as she a niece to the Lord Mayor
of Kiev, before the Revolution-
Spyres of Kathedrals's of Byzantium
Oriental-Mystical Bride of Christ-
split assunder, but one with ancient Rome-
were Peter supine and backward-
made confession
PBeut Gua Soe Gouem-
"Light & Salt of the Earth"

"Salt, Light of the Earth

of STS. Methodius & Cyril
Cyrillic & strain of the Indo-Europa
Cross of Gogol & Tolstoy,
& Dostoevsky, a Divine Terrorist
of Old Baggy Loose Monster-

To whom, my Mother admires
so much, that I could not have
completed my D.Phil,
she that in black holes,
were she held a chrome spectrum
to my eyes, Light so Bright-as
Yield-Wu Wei to mine eyes,
that shed tears of pain & joy
at my Defense-

Dae Dhan Hee Kam Sa Hahm Ni Da-Thank You Most Gratefully--

Abbotus Hermeticus Primatus-Richard S. Yeong Cyprianne Andrewes Kim, PhD
Fellow, John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY GSUC Research Foundation (open)

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