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A Many Apocalypse: An End to Beginning+/-=A Poem of Conjecture


"A Many Past Apocalypse: An End to a Beginning--A Poem of Conjecture"

Toward the south-north winds-blow-below-
in fasting for my ancestors--did not to pray
for the dead-

I only drank water from the Catskills,
had no barley & brown rice or bread

In my cell-I dreamt that I flew
across the Diamond Mountain-
crossing over Yalu--til

I made pilgrimage to Shaolin-
to pay homeage to BoddhiDharma-
and 33rd Patriarch Hui-Neng=
an Immortal Hermeneutic rule
of interpreting the Diamond Sutra--
til this very-smithy of my mind
& forebearers---
I don't know--
where they to receive to the
Nirvana of the Mercy of God-
which is a transparent, Most
High Illuminating sea of glass-
of they who enter the gates
of Heaven, with ancestral
buddhas, yogins, bikkus, arhats,]
from Primordial unrecorded Time-
from the Vortex of God_Head-
which Meister Eakhart believed
was empty-
O Sunyatta-Atmann-Dyhana-
Shantih, Shantih, Shantih Christi-
Moishe--Christi, Abrahama-Jhacobae-

Netiae Tetrelemma-

The West & East & North & Sea,
a new-cartography of time, matter
& space travels of spirit in the body
of soul, and all converso---subject----
object relatio

To claim that you have acquired
knowledge is a end game-where
Silence re-conciles the forked
tongue of duplicity, and conspiracy
to defeat the balance of a peace
process, and alarums of geo-political
wars through out the world--

TSE-"Do I dare disturb the Universe?"

then to holy primage to Shang Hai
where St. Andrew Tae Gyeon
was ordained, & the Martyrs among
many thousands, that there fleshed
annihilated and shred to pieces
by 6 swords of savage beasts-did they
repent, or that bridge was the seed
of Latin Sino-Korean Rite Church of Rome,
that their torn flesh would be fed to wolves,
vultures & ravens-

Sic anon-6 million Martyrs in China circa
Modern China--

& CHIN MOKU (SILENCE)--of same repeat
ibid, cite.....17th C,

Should we not pray for the Dead? 

If there was as many past Apocalypse
in still yet for Mesiah to come in glory
in War--

Where these bodies were not given Buddhist Rite Burial-
of ashes, water & fire==& Christian Burial--

rsy cyprianne andrewes kim, OSSTB
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