Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Past Time in the Present: A futurist Glory???


For Dr Prof. Mary Gibson

When you see that all allies,
of tin pan ally, all will be
your allies, as long as
you see that life
can be a farce &...
at more times--
full of delerium folly.

The moral imbecile,
as the Polish/Lithuanian-
Philospher, who does
his work with chizel,
and mighty hammer,
as Nieczchte (sp?)
his criminal was
a madman, who
was ashamed of insanity-
As Japanese analectus
realisme of Ashira Kurosawa
"In a mad world, only the
mad are sane."
As Chuang Tze: "Am I dreaming of
a Butterfly, or am I am Butterfly-
having dreamt of myself-as wholly

By the Hudson & Han River,
I spit out a curse, that all
futiles thing, of nonsense-
and the grotesque
will be no more-"

And for that matter, all that was-left
& forgotten was the dead corpses
of bones-of Man-
and as for God, Resurrected
in imaginabel time, where
there is time, or no time-
for it does not matter-
when you are dead-
as for the transmigration,
and metaphsychosis of
the soul,
and there All Shall Have

Rich Kim
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