Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"No Oyabun of Itsukaranaga Family: Ganster of Lotus of Rose"--Abstract for Novel--Work in Progress


L.Ed. "with his very own hands."
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"The No Oyabun of Itsugkaratagana Family"

The Oyabun Itsuaratagana--Beul GKoet Family-wiped out and assasinated every member with very own hands while they slept for their human trafficking, which other Boss Members were selling women, and children. He didn't even spare his sons.
He was not a Jew or Christian, but read EXODUS, and the 4 Synoptic Gospels--
There was no one to do this, so he beleved more for the reparation of sins and crime in the world. By sword he killed the 567 Oyabun Bosses, and gave his money, and assets entirely to the poor, and went off his way "old soldiers don't die, they just disappear." He gave mostly all of his investment, which was legitimately attaiined ...See More
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