Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We thank ALFRED AYER WEB for Post Taging the Deus Abs onditus Kxabalistic Logic of AJA


His was a logical mystical atheism, in which doesn''t refute Lutheran0catholic dialectical anti-Hegalian philosphy of Absolutist faith and Methaphyics of God. As Kierkegaard believed you cannot Prove or Disprove God. Ayer's ateorem and refutatio was an analytic deconstruction and annihilation (IPSO CONVERSO ET CONTRA POSITIVA) to and grand phillosophical episteme to claim to kow or believe in nothingness. How can by reason by what he says by keeing shop believe or know the existence of God via philosophy. He is brutally witty, comedic, and most of all honest, though I agree with thheism of Einstein, Plank. Ghandi, Spinoza, Bayes, and Pascal.

Ayer does not violate the dictum as stated above of  Kierkegaard, though he was "atheist."

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