Saturday, May 28, 2011

FoR Pam, by the Deep River of the Ganges


What was Shiva and Arjuna doing by birht of Ganges, the Deep River.
Ashoka the Greet was spinning the wheel of Dhamric Wheel of India,


What is Vajrahan Hinduism/Buddhis, Pam, in which you said I wished the Roman Catholic Chuch is different from the Epicopal Chruch they offer Holy Communion to all who are spiritual hungry for the Bod and Blood of Christ.

You were a banker for Bank of Scotland, and now in-genius engineer daughter is the apple of your eyes, as you are my Elder Sister, by Kayaguem0Kytoto, of Princess Ayakuda of Mauyean Dynnast, the Queen Matriarch,  of the Kaya Kingdom.

The Starbuck's pastry you sell, so early in the morning who is like a para0spiritual food to spirtiual and moral bankruptcy in OUR POST0CONSUMER CONSUMER, NO LESS DIFFERENT FROM TSE"S WAST LAND.

So  spinning the the Dharma, will rest in hazel blue green black eyes of your pupils, which is like min but mine is not green, but velvet blue asudes if sukence in my monstic cell.

RsyK Kim

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