Saturday, November 6, 2010

Philosophy & Theory as ACTIVITY, and DOING=EMPTINESS and Pascal's "ABYSS"

Many turn to Eastern philosphical and religious tradition because of the "diseased" gluttony of over-extensively conceptualized mind of abstractions makes what Wittgenstein's refers to "sand castles" in the air.
Then what is the EXIT out? It is what His Eminence Cardinal Avery Dulles (a brief spirtitual personalist acquaintance) as his door man for Priestly Residence Mass at Fordham University: THEORETICAL CHRISTIANITY IS NOT CHRISTIANITY AT ALL, TO WHAT MUST BE PRACTICED AS TRUE CHRISTIANITY.

As a philosophical theological maxim of Dulles: Philosophy or Theory must be an ACTIVITY, a PROCESS Making Event, that is committing to the PRACTICE of DOING, or Commiting an ACT. For example, one commits the act of robbing a bank or making or not making love.

This is my prelude to a Post-Liberal-critical Judeo-Christian Praxis Theory applied across disciplines.

This is the ABYSS of the PASCAL! Let us be cheered on the fact that it is here that YHWH slays LEVIATHAN on tail-hooks.

RSY Kim, Editor in Chief

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