Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Apocalypse": Past, Future, Imperfect--What to make of the Emerging New World Order?

With the meeting of the G-20 meeting in Seoul, S. Korea, there is much at stake in light of the currency and fiscal trade wars. The UN Global Law Enforcement to prevent human trafficking (7.2 million children and women sold on the black market (approx.)) a year, govermental and police corruption, plagues, famines, and natural disasters.

Do rich nation "care" about the sustenance of the plight less and impoverished countries? It seems if we use Satan, and demons, as symbols for the Avatar of Chaos and Hell on earth--we may be advancing to this stage.

Global leadership is fragmented, balkanized, and engaged in nationalist conflicts and tribulation. Many Christian fundamentalist have said this is it: the "END of THE WORLD!"

I am not a fundamentalist, clearly-but belief in the Subsidarity and Solidarity philosophy of Pope John Paul II that Soverign National States to forgive debter nation, support humanitarian relief, and make global efforts to end the sexual slavery and narcotic trade which is connected to corruption.

We are somewhere in a time warp between WWI and Vietnam War, and the Korean War, amidst the perpetual fighting of the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan. This is a revelation of bloodshed in time past, future past, and now IMPERFECT!

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