Thursday, November 25, 2010

A MessAge to GoogleAdSense on the Previous Message to N. Korean Stalinist Regime on the Unprovoked Attack on S. Korea and Allied U.S. Armed Foces, Secretary of State Clinton, and Defense Minister Gates--U.S. PRESIDENT OBAMA'S STRATEGY!


It is now reported in syndicated International Korean News that President Obama has sent the Mighty Warship-U.S.S. George Washington to the border-line regions removed from the DMZ to monitor the military and naval movements, and missile trajectory regions of N.Korea. "Inconclusively"-as Presdent Lee and his Top National Security Advisor, and his Joint Chief of Staff  with U.S. Armed Alliance suggest, if this battle ship or further military provocation is most EGREGIOUSLY unleashed, the chances of War is a "possiblilitie" as predicted, and not a game of LIAR'S POKER!


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