Sunday, November 7, 2010

On Cyber-Vajrahana/Zen epistemic-logic and the Internet Network Systems

When we search for research for a query, how do we fine the finest source of information. Is it random chance, or the principle of indeterminacy and incompleteness that guides our path. There is no resolution other to search by the Diamond/Thunderbolt vehicle/Zen sunyatta PRAJNA INTUITION by non-attaching our minds. It is like picking a needle in a bush mill of a hay stack. What will lead the way is is Dharma Eye of unconcsious perception and intuition that may even challenge the boolean grids of Search Engines, where the karmic mind of hyperlinks to cross-referenced links may lead us looser to what ever we may dreamed of search for!

The epistemology of of Baysian subjectivist probablity in a field of Einstein's random chance, which we cannot resolve the now UTTER CHAOS of the invasion of security and privacy, where the Bodhisattvas will intervene to save all beings from ignorance, to knowledge to freedom from and through through the in-roads of curse and blessings of information and data base technology!

It requires meditative, and diligent faith in the practice that there will be a light at the end of tunnel, and the hope will rise with the DARK RAYS OF INCANDESCENT LIGHT OF THE SUN, in the calm abiding of the lotus-rose pond of temple pagodas, where there is an information age, but peace of heart, mind, body, spirit and soul!

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