Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Mystery of Aristotle's A POSTERIORI ANALYTICS and Marx's DAS CAPITAL & Experimental Cognitive-Behaviorial Psychology

Does Aristolte do away with Platonic a priori epistemological logic as metaphysics. It is a Wittgensteinian chess move? In terms of mental causation to think that causes may exist outside or is antecedent to a immediate cause. This is what is so baffling or a cognitive red-herring when we we consider A PRIORI categories.

Marx's Das Capital links the logic of A Posteriori categories to political economy of labor, and class enslavement of the production of capital. The effect of capital enslaves peasants, and the working poor classes A PRIORI TO ANY POLITICAL-HISTORICAL METAPHYSICS OF CLASSS STRUGGLE.

It is such a strange correlation, but the two correlative texts remains such a baffling mystery that I can't really think to say more than that even the experimental behaviorial cognitive psychology, we are not longer look at the "lost" causes of behavior, but what are the antecedents of how effects of behavior can be changed or improved.

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