Saturday, June 13, 2015

Who is Aah Shi Dae Hannah my Lady Isravealeiae???


Where I to follow, as your
sentinel of God,
what have you me do--
Santicissma + Beata Solitudine--
 Lady Israevaliz(ae)-(prounouned--LEE_)
of Diamond  Vehicle Sacrifice of Agni
Paleandrithic + Dongyi Tribe + Han Dynasty
of Chinese+ Austria-Asiatic/Germanic+
Afro-Semitic & Asiatic---
who dis--engorges the blood count
for the Imperium of the mind which the
outcome mental faculty is a loss--
other prayer, meditation
of Universal Ascesis, Kenotic===
Proleptic Gnosticism of the Buddha +
in the Hearte & Lighte of Christ
of the Gospel--need a pennies for the thought
Theology if not REVELATION--which
is like  the sin + pathology of disease of
language representing myth
(CRF Max Mueller--from  Marburg to Christ Church
College) + (CRF Ernst Cassirer +
LW + excluding A. Tarski)--

"One accepts Revelation or one doesn't"--S. Kierkegaard-----
Look in  the "WORKS ON LOVE"------------------------------

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