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"To whereabouts, I don't--the LOST TRIBE of Immortal Thread
of Red & White Martyrs of the Universal Transcendentals"
Logos of what
St. John did not make
a claim to make
claim of UNUM VERBUM DEI****
other than Several hundred
years of the writ--
Late Patristic Redktator+++
as to translate to
Schema****of Judaizing
--Daughter  of One of
kenosis of Despair
Greater than the rival
what was to be + archeological
progenitor of Paleandrithic
Cosmogyny, & not Gilgamesh
of Axiolological Age--or
John Divine in Asia Minor--
the narrative teleological
consequence + meaning
of "what matters? & so what"
-----In Aeternam- Saecula Saeculorum
Ad Libris contra Natura Naturam---
Nolo, sempiternal--
Mia Sarx---Contendere,
ac anim---Benedictus,
qui, in nomine Domini-
et Crucifixus et Muerte
Poenas Dare---O Ezekiel--
w/out consolation,
Divina Mandata: Mandatum,
Muertam, salve pro
Pre-Kairos + Praestere+

Seneca+ (A Red Martyr)
Virgil (A living & ensconced Myth of
Dante as "Father of Empire"
-- via the fount + aqueduct
which was "Spring" of Everlasting
Water of Heaven for Dante, &
Mediaval Scholastic Philosophers-----
as to record the
of Roman Empire--as
Roma Vaticana on Fire-]
Chinese Empire on Fire]-
As for Paris Burning by the
Visigoths + Vandals--
+ the Black Huns +
destroyed by the
Buddharma of White Huns--
which Hadrian's Wall
protected the Remnant
of once an ient Nature
of Law--do I not know, so
what (A soe Deska?--do
I care to know this or that--
which we can know only
in part--(CFR did St. Paul
read Sextus Empiricus,
a enlightened + freed slave
from Persia--
Order of Civilization, Virtue,
War & Peace--
So, I ask you walking to
Grand Central w. you--
"Kiss them for me"
A good lyric over now 2
decade ago-----
by SY Andrew Beoul Wheol--Abbot Primate, OSSTB
Society of SS Thomas + Bartholomew
Research Fellow, CUNY-
Division-English + Urban Education/PM=Philosophe"/
Criminal Justice --Criminollogy/Methods----URVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE

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