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Skip, hop & a throw_APEX TECH of CC Cathechism of the AD TE DEVOTARE of the Workers in the Vineyard--than those that smoke their stuff + Do nothing but paint Pictures of Tainted Rust---------


Galeazi--Amore e etica a partire de Tommaso di Aquino--by Umbert Galeazzi---HUMANITAS, 6, Vol.6-pp/1151--

<che, iin pimo luogo, il ben dev  trovarsi  nel rapport del anima con qualcosa che si  trova fuori a esse, a segure, che genere de bene in questione
non riscontrabile in alcuna rea;tp di questo mondo(CRF-A.MacIntyre, Three Rival Versions of Moral Enquiry, UND Press, Indiana, 19900---
///////_____________________>causal cognate of moral consideration of moral habit or "sense-perceptory faculty--to which CS. Lewis, & his great works among his not apologetical works in defense of Christanity, but demonstra/demonstrandum of desiring "some" one or something, not auxillary attaché, but love & in care of the other (alitttismus Deus, devotare ad Memorare, Ave Maria--) & between friends, eros, familial, spiritual & Love of God--for whom to surrender if DM--"Your Personal Jesus"--New Wave Song, DEPECHE MODE----Who is "Jesus???"
What St. Thomas drew upon both Platonic + Aristotle logic of reason is integral, derivative + constitutive of "Love" as "Sacrifice of the Holy God--Christo" which by the Ultimate Sacrifice of God hypostasis in the Son + Empty of Kenotic Parrousia--(VIZ -The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass")
was the Great Grand Ultimata of Supreme Jesuscara Sutra (Orthodox (Perhaps both Jewish + Catholic/Oriental Bzyantium toward Shaoliin--the =Travels of "Da-Mo"+ his teaching 5 Animal Stylle Kung Fu + Iron Body + Internal Chi re-energizing Nei-Kung--- of the Body & Blood  & Passion of His Divinity, of Holy One of Israel, His Son, + Holy Ghost, to which nothing can be deceived or He deceive--as a Light Box to the Heart + final realization of Theo-Hayestestechsis----
by Cypranni Andrews Kim, Abbot Primatus, ((Society of Archbishops of Catacombs) in those teaching & practice Rue of Benedict +
Zen/Mind Meditation Training in the Most Serve Strict Discipline of Holism of Biody, Soul, Spirit,  Being + Mind of  Order & Society of SS Thomas & Bartholomew+-- Circa 6-8 AD Pre=Post the Discovered Missiological travels of Thomas & Bartholomew
Spiritual Vatican Directors + Masters: Rev'd Fr. Appollo & Rev'd Fr. Dr. Richard Terga--
LIC Catechists: Lucy Tucker + Richard S.Y. Kim, PhD--NY Arch Dee+++  Cathechist of St. Patrick's Cathedral, NY, NY--
Dean of Oriental Western Society of Philosophical & Theological Review + Dialethic Logic--
--Dr. Prof. Great Grand Master--Nicholas Birns, New School/Affil. NYU Deusczhte  House,
Lit.Crit./+Theory + Open Access Code _ Regulation Policy (Warning to they who are the brightest--who save all to found nothing in
their hollow bone syndrome (WU TANG CLAN__="Mystery of Chess Boxing"++++++ for the Sexual Mutant for Child Porn, & other Vomitorium
of Hell, where they will was their tunics in a bucket of dung, with no hands, other their defiled tongues--which have
been severed--the least of Chinese-Korean--Japanese Punishment as to cause a Scandal to INNOCENTS--
in which the Feast of the Holy Innocents was a Holacaust to soul, who prepared the Wave of the Coming of the Son, Christ Jhesu---
(Apps--"Scout" sent you--) MS. Forensic Computing & Cyber-Security
(Apps--"Scout" sent you) Professional Certificate of Advanced Cyber-Security
(Apps-Scout-sent you)--Harvard Divinity--Cross Comparative Religious + Wisdom as Fait Tradition
in Judaeo-Christianity+ Xisia Islam --------------------->Buddhist/Vajra/Zen Philosophical Theology+
Yale Divinity--STM--"10-10 page Copy + Textually edited with Catholic/Religious + Philosophical Studies
at Berkeley Seminary + Office of Religious Orders + Mary Knoll Orbis Press-Emerging Light of Sun
Pre-Narrative Homology of Hebrew Prophetic Witness + Testimony to Sacrificial "Rigteous Saints" who
were like Jesus Christ crucified, tortured + buried-----
(apps. cand) PS_LIC FSA w. New York Law School --in Mental Health Law, Criminal Law, Civil Rights + Cyber-Law
+ Eastern Indo-European (Paleandrithic)/but E. Indo-NEPAL+++


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