Saturday, February 21, 2015

In Great Admiration + Gratis Muchas Muy Gratias---To F.Warren Ned Benton (secretus magister) & John Ian Kleinig--with out doubt in my limited ken of knowledge--among the Titans of Legal Philosophy of Criminal Justice--Since PLATO'S PENOLOGY_____NO DOUBT--Quantum of not Knowing is verifcation of winning a game is ante, bet--more chips+ Risk It: and you shall see--all that is here & now: Is or Is Not Meant to Be in the Providental Plot of Great Charles Dickens

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE WOULD TO ARDENTLY THANK MOST GRATEFULLY & VERY GRATEFULLY (ON-LINE REFERENCE, WIKI-AECYCLOPEDA.COM-- TO OUR BLOG JOURNAL INST: SCPC--TO & FOR SYRACUSE LAW SCHOOL, MAXWELL SCHOOL OF POLICY CO-JOINT WITH A NEW STRATEGIC CENTER IN LIGHT OF DR 'OHARA, DR MAMELI (MAXWELL ALUMNI) & FOR & TO WHICH THE UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM + GRAD SCHOOL + PhD PROGRAM HAVE BLOOM--Via Dr Prof FWarren Ned Benton, erst-while Supervisor the Great+ Dr Prof John Kleinig's late Book (CO-Authored with Miller, Salane, Mameli & Schwartz) which in absolutely + Benign +Therapeutic (Analytic + Meta-Ethics + Psychology) heals mind BETWIXT Socratic Dialogue, Tetralemma + what is leftif Insight ^ Critical Reason (Kant) spans Years after Years of Philosophy of Natural Theology & Science-----Peace + Relaxation + Physical Restoration + Fitness+ Eastern +  Western Holistic SYNTHESIS + of Selfhood, + Eternal Peace + Calm of the Eternal Feast of the Sabbatt.

A-l-A The Wedding Banquet  of the Wedding & Supper of Lamb--The Feast of Love of  All Saints + Holy Angels, Martyrs (Red + White)
+Confessors + Virgins +Priests + Deacons, Catechists, Monastics + Contemplatives + Holy Prophets-----

Avante Gaard Futurist School of Italy + Russia----


SECURITY & PRIVACY: ETHICAL IDENTITY MANAGEMENT-- (E--Digital--Australian National Unversity Press)

(KLEINIG (MDIV, Ph,D, SALANE,  MILLER, SCHWARTZ, & MAMELI)--" Advent of a Global Eschaton------


As to Remark on Issues of Inspector General--Federal Board of I-G+++++--the Peaceful Way of the Way of Mystagogical Nin-Jit Su(Assasin--Sino-Korean--Japanes--of which Soe--Inn FW--- Ned Benton--A Founder of MPA__I--G Program, which is Most Competive & Difficult; as to the Most Competitive+++ Law School Candidates  in for Admission to Law School;
Law--Rev,--of the top 50 Law Schools--& Historical Military Academies---@John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY).

I owe my both left + right cortex-0--in light of completely foolish
dogmatism + calcified progess if recursion which in Buddhist Ancien Ko-Choson--Shamanism + Irish (Celtic) Shamanism is still practiced in South Korea (still present in Both S, Korea + Ireland: A CURSE or Life: of Moses last teaching to his people--while entering the Land of Milk & Honey
w. Hyssop---
to Ned Benton, John Ian Kleinig--

So I say in light of Great Grand-Masters--I am fool of Paul Tarsus for Love of Gospel of Christ + Natural Law + Wisdom Tradion as Ecumenical + Nodal Inter-Faith------------as "Insight, Wisdom, Compassionate + Understanding of Body, Soul, Spirit & Mind-----

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