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The Heart of Diamond of Quantum Reality of Meditation of EXODUS (Modern Orthodox Judaism of Asia + Ukraine + Russia+ Jurchen/Russian Nodes to what the Last Mongol Chief settled for Mongolia--infra + supra boundary of China (Yuan Empire) left is What IS---IS--



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Re: TO & FOR CHRISTINA EH C/ & GGM NB-Legends, Lore of a Present Future Past+ (to my Great Grand-master (Spiritual Brother--N.B.) + I am most in debt to Christina who gave me Copies of Cut with a Strongest Sharp Scizzor--With out her==I wouldn't have "the social-academic seed capital"--& Great Grand-Master+ Executive Senior Chancellor--SPC Inst.
Dr Charles Liebermann, Co-President, Co-Chairs((If not a peace prior to .06 Cyber-Infrasructure Private-Public en Mass Cyber-Surveillance BY alln Her Foes. Vouchafe, Mighty, God, Holy One, Immortal One, Have Mercy on Us on the World.
Trisagion. Agnus Dei Qui Tollis Pecatta Mundi, Agnus Dei, Qui Tollis Pecatta Mundi, Nobis Pacwm, --
Benedictus, Qui domine in nomine Christi--------------\Pater ora pro, Christus--ora pro, Sancta Maria, Ora Pro,
Deus Abrahamae --Issac, Jacob, Ishmael, David, Elijiah-Ezekiel,  Issaiah, Job ORA PRO NOBIS + MIHI
Tess of Duberville--
IDIOT-the Orthodox (Jewish & Christian
Slavic-& Dostoevsky wept of
the carnal + spiritual + soma + possession's
of  Landed-Gentry Class---
--Oriental Nihilism) of Landed hereditary Aristocracy (Beyond Corruption & Decadence)
As Aunty C--ask you-- wins or loses////?????//
I can only say--"I don't know"--
On 02/10/15, rsyk38@verizon.net wrote:
That which She++did drank the Wine + Blood
--Hail Corpus & Sanguinis Christi--
Absinthe of the blood egg & semen, that
is Corpus ab Transcendentia, et Occulos
Non est Visione-nisi non contra-negative
+ veritate Biblia Scholarum + Vaticana
Libraria, Oxon + Cambridge,
a Fairy + of God--Her Theosis;
As made in the diabolically chess board
of Modern Korean, otherwise a Linguistics
of Too Much Many Lingua Literatura of
How many Conquests of a Defeated
People, Tribe & Clan=Atomic of Aesyclus's
Fury ofAunty Elena who grants not least,
but in heart of Corporal & Spiritual Works
of Mercy of the Gospel+
but MORE that Oriental but if by unknown
persecution, conquest, colonialism,
post-colonialism+slave trade--opium + ice
in the cold cold aegis of Divine Comedy-\
or 15 Aeons if one could measure 2 sound
bites + foot fall+ with the Mercy of
Buddha+ a Purgatorio, if determined Enlightened
& Salvage (TSE, 4 Q)+ other wise
the same Hell for Eternity as the Terrifying Ancestral
Orthodox Law of the Abbhidharma, +  Vinayana--
Church of Holy Grail as bi-ways to the 
"TEA ROAD" & Ireland to London, Oxon+
Harvard + Yale++++  "recto ratio"
that in her heart of the Lotus, Cloud of
Forgetting,--Yogacara of Christ is
Heyastic Faith--Mater de Silentio--
O Blessed Mother of the Universal Church--
Thou art the lyres which comforted &
Consoled David--when his Court
Conspirators, turned & betrayed him, 
& made Him a___"Worm"--
& Jacob, Post Diaspora of Ishmael--
to which conflict crashed upon
swinging Mills of Mill on the Floss;
& Tess Duberville--
IDIOT-the Orthodox (Jewish & Christian
--Oriental Nihilism)
As Aunty C--ask you-- wins or loses////?????//
I can only say--"I don't know"--
The Infinite Combat, wearing the Spiritual Armor--of Paul of Tarsis-
Belt of truth+ Sword of Schakina,  Helmut of Redemption+
Sandal-Gospel of Peace--INTER ALIA--Seal of  the Holy Spirit,
the Seal of Magdala + Solomon + Seal of Dharma+
Logois+ Tao of ????Ortho-Praxis + Actus Reus+
Orthodoxstic Mystagogy of Quantum Asiatic Logic of Abraham Monotheism 
Rich SYCA Kim

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