Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Pre-Millenial Eschaton of Future, Past Past, And Straight Forward, Gone, Gone, Gone, Boddhisatva!

For Jin W Hong, Benjamin X Liu, John Choi, Shaun Van Beverhaudt,

as to ask the question

of "hospitality" + whether you pay all, or dutch---

To that which I was born-

in the womb of time,

as to whom may inquire

that as true gold

& silver will be

refined by fire,

of the Holy Spirit--

O Dr TS Eliot--

what is what "bewitching--Gaming

of Deck of Card--thrown against

Central Asiatic Steppes--

 Mystica Rosa

&Toda y Nada

De Anime de Noche--\

O Ezekiel-to I, Yahweh,

draw breath to dry

bones & oxen dung--

Shall I set you free+

of your vast intellectual,

knowledge, of

that Liberation of all false

desires+ illusion + the

herbal bitterness + Bitterness

of Good Oriental Medicine--

of Great Grand-Master,- and

in separate Place

of Virginal Maids-

defended by High Lords

of True Grail + Celtic +

Anglo-Catholic Sacrifice

of the Holy Mass--

before the War of Schismatics,

Heresy, Apostosy--

we understand not that which

we may be all right

in which the Divine Chairos

(CRF Dr Prof Don--Paul Tillich

+ The Germanic--CRF--Ramaoin Pannikar
Paleadrithic Writing

& Culture+ as Proto-Indo-European

Language as of the

Celts, Anglia, Saxony +Germany

(RCF A Mystery Text)

& Italy + France--)

Islet upon Rivers +that Spring

that runs dry+ the rest

is history of the Dharma + All Seeing

Eye+ Omnis Omnium de

Apocalyptica es Mundi__

De Reveloluntia Divina +
Sacra Scripturia+ Lecio
Ornes-- as it were

pruning a Korean Bonsai

Tree + Pear at the same time;----

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