Thursday, January 15, 2015

To & For Christina--there on the Mt. a Red Rose of Gingseng by Pusan--South Korea


Does the sand + dust
of ashen roses,
of incense of root of
flower ginseng,
as I climbed higher,
higher to the top
of Mt. Tae-Baek--
in a grass roof+
oak wood hut--
I would call
out your name+
where the Princes
of Princes lived
the fields over a craggy
plaint & peak
by the Yalu  River--
as I stood only
with my loin clothe,
meditated + prayed
as in the Boddhidarma
practice my Internal
TKD + Kung Fu--
where the dualism
is overcome--
when with thunder-bolt
vehicle will strike
blows of incontrovertible
power, & for All Ancestral
Buddha & Holy Communion
of Saint, All Holy Angel
 When Megido
is surrounded by Primordial
Foes in all sides--
Do we declare another World War 3--
3--as said--God, Father,
Son & Holy Spirit,
bless you, Peace in all Spheres
of the world--
Richard S.Y. Kim

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