Thursday, March 6, 2014

SS+MISC--Resurrection of the Dead

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

SS+MISC--Resurrection of the Dead


 "7 & NYT--Greater Metro-NY--3 Degrees of Seperation--relations) Reputation is So++Important--
In Faith & Reason+ Primacy of [Terse Juris-Prudence_Wisdom & Patience & Martial Self-Defense--I will defend your honor--as do unto my Family--other than  wicked nicottine habit----I love you all----> In your service---"May Your Enemies to Mine"

Truly AM Yours--

Most Sincerely, Richard
On 03/06/14, wrote:
 "Though He slays, God is Just" (RCF GK Chesterton,
from Psalms)

Of Islet of ivory & gold-
to look no further in
this heart of matter-
did I love her
--not playing Arthur & Round Table
But Hwarang-Samurai & errant Tang Knight-

who has lost his Father, and Temporal Lord
& Kingdom--

This is NO Ronin--but the orphaned
lot of all who have made ransom +
sacrifice for the the Blessing of Elohim
&lesser gods & God-Head Incarnate
--who leads us into
death, that we may be baptized
by water & blood-
of the Totemic Taboos--
and one of Immortals,
who destroyed Totem
of ritual Christian Satanic  Ritual
Serial Mass Murder
of Wars; nothing has changed-
but everything never fails
to change--
of  bhavagan & freedom--
"we are not  our thoughts"'
\not more pathological, rather
than more what has become pathologized--
O daughters of the Holy Theotokos--
a moment will come when we
are truly free--
a dead body, of the Divinity of Saint
Thomas, an Incorruptible +
So we wait we for the destruction
and creation of a new world--
as the dance of Shiva, but
of the Martyrdom, & Agony
Obedience until death of Greatest
Prophet Ezekiel (mourning his wife)
to build the 2nd Temple-- & of Martyr
John the Divine,  the Apostle
a Penal

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