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Martin Heidegger's (Micro-Herme's Circle) & Ludwig Wittgenstein in Time, Space & Matter--Of Lingua Fiat---Analogate of Interpretations--


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  Martin Heidegger's millenial landmark for the interpretive circle of the constitute of  (Das-ein) Being cannot be a disclosed analogate of Truth; but is derrivative from the "Grund" of Being; so much that symptoms of alientation from being as not on the ground of Wittgenstein's embrace of Classical Pragmatism of Language Games of St. Augustine's discourse--Adam naming God's creation, yet--Albeit**** the Thomist Internal Realist Position of what is  causing  the splitting, and schizoid state of mind. The individual person--suffers the affliction of fear, sorrow, melancholy, despair, illness, & madness--as derrivative of Care--to extend and evolve as opting out of its existential and ontological condition of primordial time.

Can Ludwig Wittgenstein  or does he speak to us in his grave as more troubling as faith in the Randomization spatial, temporal and material as to never second guess the Divines and Holy of the Holies, and God of our ancestral buddhas, & of Divine Philosopher's (RCF GK Chesterton's Essay--"On Demons & Philosophers" & Hagiography of Carologinian Divines)  & commons of the Banquet Feast of Marriage of Canna,  Wedding of the Lamb & Bride--

Richard Sang Yeong Cyprianne Andreweson Kim, OSSTB, (Society  SS Thomas & Bartholomew-- of E. Asian Latin Rite),  PhD
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incumbent on Acceptance--"Quantum-Relative Structures of Belief, Christian Personalism &
Close Reading of "Awakening of Faith Sutra" (Won Hyo -Korea + Nicheren, Japan)

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