Friday, March 14, 2014

"Pray in One's Closet"--Biblia: (to Ariel--Messengers of Good Tidings in Hebraica Scriptura) Tears of Vashti & Prince & Royal Court of Solomon's Son


to Ben X Liu, who gave the idea of Blog as Journal format, Gautma(advisor to M-theory) to John Choi, a master mathematician, & CS wizard--(MIT-Harvard)  and Nicholas Birns, Charles Lieberman, my Chair--@ Most Selective***Late Doctoral Disseration "Symposium"--2008----City University of New York, John Jay College of CJ---& Jin W. Hong, & JP Weiner---

& Doubt not, the doubter,

who believes in something

that believers believe--

which has, lest

we return to return

to ashes to ashes,

from the dust

of Dark Matter--

God the Destroyer-

a *Invisible Creation &

to know what can

one know--

If we know how to

count, change,

& dollar, bill, ya'll (Fifty Cent_G-Unit-Lloyd Banks0)

--material matter

of Divine Numbers-

the metrics of the Heart's

space, when ecstasy is


bliss (too painful, supra

op.cit. TSE 4 QUARTETS)

the( Silence of Buddha)-

Raimon Pannikar

controversial of the

prajnamita Polynomial-

split have of Bayes

1:0,  0:1  (ping-yin) Arithmetic-
neither classicist, anti-metphyscial
lair of Lht penetrating the womb
of darkness--
nor subjective

between what Raimon

Pannikar's Herme's-Paleandrithic

Cosmogony of Indo-European

race, but not so in bitter herbs

of Chinese Medicine, Ural (Altaic-Tungusic)

circle & Noble Indian House exile

to Far East--China, Korea & Japan--
of Germany, England-Spain, Ireland +France
+Italy+Euro=Slav-Asia +
the tears of Vashti, and  broken princes of the sons of
of Solomon's Court--

of the dusk & rising of

the sun-of belief,

loss, between agnosticism

+ atheism--

to be freed from askesis\

of detachment, or sorrow,

of pain-

for healing of the body--

w. soul enfleshed--

to rise at Resurrection

of Dead---

O Holy Mighty Holy One of Israel-

Have Mercy on us--

Agnus Dei-qui tollis pecatta


And the Tatagatha Buddha

likewise taught Mercy & Compasion

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