Sunday, November 17, 2013

Martin Heidegger & an Ordinary Comment---, "In re Faith" BEING & TIME, p. 189, Trans. Joan Stambaugh (Professor @Hunter College, CUNY), SUNY Press, 1996


                     To & For Mr.William Jackson, & Ms Chanatry. AHS, 89'

"Faith in reality of the "external world," whether justified or not, proves this reality for it, whether sufficiently or insufficiently, it presupposes it, whether explicitly or not, such attempts that have not mastered their own ground with complete transparency, presupposes a subject which is initially wordless, or not certain of its world, which basically must make certain  of this world."

Comment: If there is no speech & one remain wordless, there is truth in valence of words of not writing, or speaking with out having to use perceptory faculty of signs. If this stills, and calms and rests Being, mind & spirit than what is the goal and aim of history of Western Philosophy; which becomes an aid to reflection and meditation on the existential situation & concern and of care of one self and others? To be ordinary "decent folk."  And, that is not being a candidate for beatification to becoming a saint!!!!

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