Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Terse Reflection: Heidegger + Gadamer on the Probem of Historicity + Being/Knowledge + Desire


                   for Chandu, beautiful friend & G-Vivek, CC,JM, MG, NB, JPL,

What can we know about what is the meaning of geneological episteme--as we re-collect and remember certain significant events as temporal conditions to which we have no control of unraveling. It is seeing life as a narrative. And then do we create our meta-fiction as presenting our self-image of a real self. Gadamer says this "objectivity" of "desire" is what the goal of self, objectivity of knowledge, and the (Dasein) Being & Care-"SORGE." is all about. (R.C.F. FABLES OF IDENTITY, Northrop Frye)
Why do we contemplate the matter by separating the chords of how memory is constructed by events' & lives (as) existens-mortal struggle, and primordial knowledge which we trace to the Epochal periods & minds of the Advent of Civilization. Three things that Heidegger & Gadamer,who have remarkably written on such subjects of the previous &amp latter is in ways related to "moksha." (Sanskrit) & ("satori"--Sino-Japanese) of Being & Care-and the Memory of events of consciousness, whether collective or spiritually personalist!

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