Monday, November 18, 2013

Classical Hindu-Buddhist Anti-Metaphysics---


to and for Chandu--
Da, Datta, Dyavam, Dayamata--

Give, sympathesize, Control--Yogacara--3 Pillars of Andyoga Upanishad--

To the demons that were taught--the Yogin went back to the Himalaya Mt. of Avatara of God, and adoring Christ--that is Sri Sanyasi Vivekananda--known in Sanskrit (diacritical parallax to German Readers--philosophers and theology of the Resurrection--which was the soul of Count Lev Tolstoy, whom Gandhi loved & admired, as Koreans---.....)

Vishnu & Shiva & Buddha (and so the demon-gods Protect the Avatars) and Dharma Wheel of Ashoka the Great--the Dharma of the Indic Flag--as of the Time past & present Future Past---(of Nagarjuna of the Madyamikka--and Abbidharma--of Indo-Mongolia--
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Korea #1 in tech, Israel #2.


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