Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Simple Bons Mors-of All that is Nexus-Past-Present-Future


fr for Dr Prof M. Lowrie, Classics & Philology

What is the silence of black turtle dove;

leaping over the River of Jordan,
and the Euprhates & Tigris-
the weeping of Cleopatra-
who has lost Mark Anthony-
the suicidal mania of Dido-
to "Carthage I come ago"
among a bevy of beauties-
TSE: "wept and fasted,
wept & prayed"
where the bliss is too painful,
and resolve weak,
to where I can rest from
the tropical storm,
in the desire of dreams-
that all things shall pass,
and pash away; but
Word remains forever-
& perennial, always--because it is the Author
of Life, for as Ottoman bejeweled
Crucified Dagger, piercing
the right atrium of the sacra corda,
and missing the left aorta
so I shall come to hope of holy rest.
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