Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Poetry of 8th Conversion: Orthodoxa of Frailty & Illness & Belief---


 In the end there can be no regrets-
have only loved, if  I have loved you alone
 you were the rose
that neither desire without
lamentation of captive of the mortal seeds of
Heavenly Jerasulem which descends,
between the moist maple dew,
 and the Cliff
of Mt. Olives &Mt. Diamonds
traveling across Mt. Tae Baek-across
to Han River of Seoul,  in oblation to Sokuram
Grotto Buddha of Gyeong Ju,  of ancestral blood & war,
of the Fiery Martydom-the Wind Burial, of
every bone, muscles, sinew & tendon & tissue
severed and thrown to the ravens
as a sacred meal, the Mystical Bride of the Church
in Corea, among the 30,000 Martyrs-
both of Noble Houses, middle estate, and the peasants,
who drank from the Blood and Water of the Spear
of Longinus-all hidden, O Sung Mo Nym & Santa Monica-
who wept for her son, St Augustine, seeking a Confession-
to whom Christ hangs on the Cross, in language &
the mortification of the Flesh, that grace may increase, for much
who has much loved, and is forgiven-among gentlemen
who live as libertines & bastard children of concubines:
The Master said: "What is the meaning of this?"

By the Tempest which destroys the Fortress Gates
of a Temple, all you create and praise that is not
of the other world, which is eternal as the Coin
offered to God, and not to Caesar, which
will perish, because in your cause, who  defiles
what is not of this world, which cannot be thought,
or words spoken for, vision invisible & unseen,
& the"Word Spoken in Eternal Silence.":--
Juan De La Cruz--"I die, because I cannot die."
And were you without wisdom- to ask what Prince Hamlet asks:
What is Quintessence of dust?
And seek the Resurrection of Eternal Rest,
the Eigth Day of New Creation-
that to be granted a peaceful and holy death,
and a New Light of Infinite Worlds, and not words.

Cyprianne Andreweson Sang Yeong Kim

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