Saturday, September 28, 2013

For Dr Selizy, (Francais) www. Insightful and Provocative Blog Journal----that In Re Foundational Re-Generation of Modern Physics-Post Plank***** & Einstein****** & Bohr & Heisenberg*******


 This Precis among  35 entries (in re Math & Physics) was toward the end of my PhD completion was inspired  BY GGotama Ramakrishna's MIT network  (Assoc. Prof. Mayo Cardio-Vascular Group),  Dr Prof John Kleinig-Contra "Avatar of Chaos) theory-for Simplicity interpretation of Schroedinger's Cat. And Prof Czechowicz seeing the paradox semantic rational choice of intending what you to mean to say, and say what you mean,
and negating each demonstrative-Propositional statement, and Affirming simultaneously neither, nor, and corroborate either, or and all! Prof C EH Czechowicz beyond the feat of Imagination & so Humble & Practical Mystagogue!


Peace, Love, Justice & Mercy

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