Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Resurrection de Sancta Valentine on Feast of Saint's Banquet

"He who is holy is no more for this world, for the Eternal Flame of the Fire of the Holy Spirit" has consumed his body, mind, and soul in the throes and threshold of pain-abandoning as what Christ his Father, Mother, and Family, and his teachers, and lovers, and friends, other than the course of Providential Writ and Crede; the rat's ass tom-follery of claiming all that is counter-feit of the Holy Law of Moses, Buddha and the Gospel of Christ. As to abandon all things to care of God, in turmoil, but not woe. Liars and cheats, who in inner wreckoning of guile and false righteousness claim the throne of God, Christ and Church--as to lie, and prevaricate the Verbum Dei to make fodder for canon ball drive of deceit, to be homeless, toothless beggar, a mental cripple, limbless and voiceless and mute to inherit the Kingdom of God, and the Beatific Vison! Lies, to tell her sum total to counter-feit the Dharma-Dei-Logos Veritas as Lux. My final words, to some, to others, and rather all to none. A Blessed St. Valentine to my few mistresses and lovers, whom I have left on the Road to Damascus of Paul of Tarsus= but she whom to was Church, burning with the BridEgroom, whom He cleansed as Like Old in the New ARK OF THE CONVENANT-AS IN THE HOST OF THE BANQUET WHO BROUGHT THE ROYAL TREASURY OF THE ANCIENT AND THE NEO-LIGHTS OF THE SACRED HEART, WHICH BLEEDS IN MINE EYES, THAT WERE SHE TO SUCK THE MISERY OF LIFE via In )Roads of PLEASURE, FOR SHE WON IN THE BREAKING BREAD OF BREAD TO WHICH HER LONG ELVEN BLACK BROWN HAIR-BREAD, WHERE ADORE DEVOTE, LOVE THE SOUL IN THE BUCKLE OF HER SHOES, WHERE IN THE LADY CHAPEL-WAS THE VESTAL SAINTS BANQUET FEAST OF THE BREAKING OF BRIDE, BEYOND THE LAST CANTICA OF HEAVEN, NOT OF GANGES, BUT OF THE TIGRIS, AND EUPHRATES, WHERE SHE WORE GREY, WHITE AND BLUE, AND HER NAME, WHICH I NO KNOW NOT HOW TO SPELL, READ, BUT SAY OF ROSE OF SHARON, IN WHICH HER NAME WAS THE FIRST OF DICKINSON, AND SECOND to none EMILY. Farewell-- the last line of Resurrection of St. Valentine on the Feast of Love of Banquet of the Saints- Bosom of Abraham, of the endowed breast of Sarah that fed the Children of Israel, and the Heavenly Israel in which Xia-Yhuan Paradise of the Highest Spheres of the Son of David, Jesus, and of Mary, was the Breast Plate of Fire of His God of Issac, and Jacob, and the Fiery Obital Wheel of Ezekiel and Ashoka the Greats's the Wheel of the Dharma-which went east of Indo-Nepal, my Mom's Matriachal Tribe Lineage- in the Hebraic Diaspora to Dharamsala, India of the Celt Bretons of to which Ungaritic Dongyi/the Finnish Noridic via Slavs was my breast plate of Pascal's Tropological Derivative Calculus, that in his premature death-his "libertine" love of whom he walked and escorted to lake and pond of Provinciale was the Torah and the Gospel of St. John, and loved his strict Orthodox Catholic Father, who would have cained, and perhaps thrown him out of the house of breaking family tradtion, and fight the Jesuits, and becoming a Jansenist, which Eliots', was a "Calvinist in Vestments"-- to whom I have loved and admired and adored, to equipe in my missive the the Diamond-Sutra Mikal-Sword of the Dongyi-Chinese-logicians of what once was the Orient of Vienna, Cambridge, C.C.N.Y., hidden among child hood loves-, late loves, all hidden under an Irish Clover, smoking cloves, and Tiley Tea Leaves of London, on TOPS, Parisian tobacco paper, and to whom I sing a ode of vestal virgnin prayers-to whom all you fill my heart with spiritualist sensuality of Da, Datta, Dyamatta, Shantih, Shantih, Shantih, Dyahdam-Diamond Cross Star Metta Sutra--- She who I hold a a dagger to my own to tongue to remain ever verdant green to remain hidden in SACRUM SILENTIUM, CHIN_MUEK_CHIN_MOKU- St. Michael's Missalette-Tridentium Missal- Cyprianne Bueo Ywheol Andreweson SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE

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