Thursday, February 21, 2013

In this dark winter's night of our discontent, why not wait for day break out in the snow, and play in the yard, where the river and Sun shines and flows, by the Meadow Pond, and to Warm Your Heart, by the Deer Brook's Manor-

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE "what is the opposite of knowledge, O ananda" "I don't know" "It is freedom" "Which is so frightening that you really don't know" "Take the first step, followed by another, and in repetition" "Up the hill like a merry go round" "The infinite cycles of rhythm and sleep cycles, will humble you as a beginner,and that IS WHAT ONB needs for a journey" "The rest is going through the motions, and repeat ritual, where there is no repitition" "where form is emptiness, emptiness, nothing which is not empty nor full- and all things full and also full" To and for AE M--- Dae Doe Sa Seung Sahn, and Shin Ryu Suzuki, and Raimon Pannikar, and Avery Cardinal Dulles, and In Memoriam Soren Kierkegaard and Regina, AE_M-JRR TOLKIEN, TS ELIOT, THOMAS MERTION-RABBI MOSES IDEL OF ESPANA-THE KABALIST CIRCLE OF DONGYI/UNGARITIC/SLAV OF PRAGUE-KIEV, WRITTEN IN ARAMAIC COMMENTARY-M. BUBER-F. ROSENWWEIG, SACRED SCRIPTURES, AND PARABLE AND TALES, DEAN ALAN WATTS, ON HINDU-ZEN BUDDHISM, DONALD KEEFE, SJ, AND "INTER-COVENANTAL THEOLOGY" AND THE DEUTERO-CANONICAL OF THE THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL, VIZ. DANUBE, AND EMPEROR DAN-GUN, 2,333 BC, PRE-AXIOLOGICAL AGE- and Seoul National University, School of Business, Class of 17'

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