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Regent's Birth under star of the Heart-Mysterium Fidei from Gyeoung Ju and Hein Period-Foundation Kwanju Buddhist Mt. Temple to Kyoto-Kamakura-Knight Errant-White Light Under the Morning Calm of the Sun-Rising

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE T0 AND FOR ST. VINCENT'S-ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL-CENTER, MD, PHD, LMSW-CW-MS, Staff, Harrison-Yonkers, NY; Westchester County Medical Center, Behavioral Science Center, New York Medical College, Faculty, and Staff, Valhalla, NY; E-CONFERENCE CHAIRS, AND ADVISORY BOARD, DIGITAL PRO-LIST INST.,: SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHIL., TO RLD, JM, AS, NB, JL, BL, JIK, AS, MMM, N.B. CEC, MG, GR, M.L., AND JHM, LT-TT, Rev'D Fr.K JOHNNY'S TAXI TRANSPORTATION TO THE STARS 8 AVONDALE Road\Harrison, NY 10528 914.835.2222 JOHNNYTAXI.NET =============88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888******************************************** Joe Inn had been born of unknown parents and lineage, but had been adopted by the Chief Regent of Kwangju, and whose noble wife was the Duchess of Puyo, Paekche. She was so beautiful that among the many wives of the Monarch-he honored the purity of her beauty and devotion in oblation the to Buddhha, and ancestral divinities. The abbot falsely claimed that she broke her vows of celibacy as a novice contemplative nun, and had a child with another high monk. Who was this infant baby, and who was his mother and father. The regent than fearing for her to be enslaved to house of indentured servants, "exiled" her and her son to the Duke of Kyoto, which was ancestral in line of his first-second cousin, to be a Unknown Hermitess, since her reputation and her life was at jeopardy. She died, so the Duke raise Joe Inn as his son, but as knight of Bushido, which attacked during the Sam-Guk-Sagi period and Heian, which their was Universal Peace between Tang, Silla, Koryeo, and Paekche, Yamato-Fujiwara- The abbot in Kwang-ju had been officially declared to be a villian, and a corrupt, black-lama-of demons, and devil worship. Joe Inn became General at the age of 14, which by Silla and Tang Standards was meritorious. But what appeared in his mind, was not the vain-most hateful glory of geneological trumps of miltary royalty and descent, but mysterious death of this, beautiful virtuous woman, whom he knew was the wreckoning of divine retribution as the Orthodoxatica-Vinayana-Praxis Teaching of the "One who slays a Buddha or a Boddhisattva, burns in the bottom of Hell." And in the 999 Ronin Wars of the Avatars of Chaos-wars between Late Koryeo, China, and Japan- Joe Inn had declared the True Teaching By Heart was defend the Innocent and defenseless, and protect the orphan. Like his mother who went off into Mt. Diamond by Manchuria and China, he sided with no one other than to defend the Most Merciful, and ONE who is Not fllled with Hatred, and Bloodthirst, in the Full Act of War. HOW JO-INN DIED- When their was pillage, in Gae-Sung and Nanjing, who saw a women who his eyed loved which was White Pale-Milk Color face of the Twilight Full Moon, and her children being attacked by demonic foot soldiers of Hell. He flew down form a 999 feet Mt. clff, and drew his sword severed the heads of 700 men in one stroke. Joe-Inn no longer knew how his mother was buried that her ashes in which the lives he saved in their place was to made to be built into a Golden Temple of Universal Mercy snd Justification of Peace on Earth, and to Kill Sparingly with Mercy upon the Heart of the Death of Perceptory Faculty of Sunyatta-Kenosis, Prajna-Void-Metta Sutta-Sa-Lang, Ruah: SHAKINA: Shamlom- Ppeut-GKwa-Abyss of Virtue, Mater Afflictorum, O Schema, Salvador Mundi, Mediatrix, no occulos, nisi modo nolo--CHUNG GUEK NA LA JUN JENG. IN PEACE HE LIVED, HIS HEART AND MIND, UNKNOWN TO WORLD, BUT TO BUILD A TEMPLE IN SKY WHICH BURNS BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN BEYOND-CROSS YONDER THE STARS, OCEANS AND SEAS. AVE MARIA, STELLA MARIS, AVILOETHSHVERA, CANNON=JIZO, MARY OF EGYPT Psalm-"A broken contrite heart he will not despise or turn away, nor fail to punish the House of the Wicked" The Dharma Tao Eye of Y_H_W_H, God of Abraham, Issac, Ishameal and Jesus & Ezekiel and House of David. "Pray for the peace of Jerasulem" "All Israel will be saved"-St. Paul of Tarsus ABBOTUS PRIMATUS HERMITICUS RSY KIM, OSSTB-M-A, SHIN-KYO- Lectio-Divina--CONTEMPLATIO-

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