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SURVE Viaticum Deacon Steward addressed her as a crack whore flower planted in the primrose path by the garden of memory and delight. Almost bled to death, had he not pulled the stolen syringe out from muscular skeletal veins and rushed her to the hospital during Mass. She wanted to be rescued by a homicidal male with patriarchal sensibilities, when he referred to her as what she knew herself to be in her delirium. your dagger pierced my cold quivering entrails. Ora pro nobis, in youth my ruptured aorta and spleen the sacrifice. Father. The desert is pressed between the enflamed loins of your sulking brother. She desired to confess, but was enamored with the idea of the viaticum and the tomb of St. Peter in the Basilica. She dreamed more about the relics and ruins of the Holy Roman Empire and burning votive candle offerings than of heaven,. ILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE

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